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Soil Penetrometers

Our range of Soil Penetrometers are as below

Pocket Penetrometer

HS 10.95

The pocket penetrometer is regared as a simple tool to aid the engineers in field exploration and in checking and comparing similar types of soil, but it can never be used to obtain foundation design data.

This light weight penetrometer is used in the field for classifying cohesive soils in terms of consistency and estimation of approximate unconfined compressive strength and shear strength.

In operation, the stainless steel cylindrical tip of 0.31 cm2 area is pushed into soil so as to penetrate up to 6 mm marked point. A cursor on the scale reads directly unconfined compressive strength in kg/cm2.

Proctor Penetrometer, Spring Type

HS 10.100

Designed for use in the field for controlling soil compaction by initial calibration from laboratory tests for moisture density relationship.The instrument consists of a barrel housing a spring.

A piston compresses the spring and the piston rod is calibrated upto 40 kg in 1 kg divisions. Two penetration stems which can be attached to the other end of
the spring barrel, one at a time, to suit the needle point being used, are graduated in 1.25 cm divisions.

Supplied with eight needles of 6.0, 5.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.5, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.25 cm² area. Complete in a wooden box.

Proctor Penetrometer, Hydraulic type

HS 10.105

Same as HS10.100 except that it has a hydraulic system to record load. Calibrated up to 75 kg x 2 kg Divisions. Supplied with 8 needles, complete in a wooden case.