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Development of civilization involves not only building construction, but also more difficult projects like tunnels, dams, etc. More often, such activity involves dealing with rocks, which are a completely different form of natural material.

Rock testing involves determination of the strength as well as elastic properties with the help of rock testing machine. The rock material is prone to degradation and unexpected failure. The Construction activity in rocky area involves rock fills, slopes, deeper foundations, etc. Rocks present a complex nature of physical properties that are not consistent across a given mass.

Typical tests done with the help of rock testing lab equipment, on rocks include loading-strength (which may be compressive or tensile strength).

Other common tests are:

Direct Shear, Triaxial Test, Brazilian test, permeability, elastic modulus, and slake durability, Abrasion test, particle grades, water absorption capacity, etc.

Like other testing, here also sample preparation is based on specific standards. specimen is generally of the shape of core that are drilled out. The L-to-D ratio is important here.

Water absorption, flakiness, particle grade, degradation factors and more, need to be tested for, in order to comply with Australian standards

Many other common laboratory equipment like pH meter, Oven, and toolings are also used.

Like in the case of soil testing, Triaxial test of rock samples also involve precise loading patterns that are possible with the use of high capacity servo hydraulic load frames driven by hydraulic power packs and servo valve controls.

Apart from the destructive testing, rock tests are also carried out with rock testing equipment for construction and Non-Destructive techniques (NDT) like the ultrasonic rock pulse velocity test, radiography test, etc.