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General Items

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Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace For Continuos Running (Upto1150°C)
The furnace is insulated with high temperature ceramic board of high density for better insulation. It can run continuously at the given working
temperature, trouble free. The furnace is quick heating type, light in weight, table-mounting type, and compact and elegant in design.

The hinged type door is insulated with high temperature ceramic board to avoid heat loss from the door. The furnace is fitted with Microprocessor
based PID temperature controller with LED /LCD display to avoid over heating for long life and trouble free working.

Effective Chamber Dimension: 20cm x 20cm x 30cm
Heating Elements: KanthalA1
Time to reach operating temperature: 90 min approx will achieve 1150°C
Furnace Shell: Mild Steel Sheet with Powder Coating
No. of Doors: One
Door Movement: Hinged, Swing aside
Heating Rate: Uniform & Fast
Temperature Uniformity: ±1% or better throughout volume chamber
Thermocouple: K Type
Relay: Solid State Relay
Controller: Microprocessor based PID temperature controller
Power Supply: 220V1-phAC50Hz
Load: 4KW
Continuous Running Temperature: 1100deg.c
Maximum Working Temperature: 1150Deg.C.


Flow Table for fresh concrete 700 mm x 700 mm


Flow table is used to determine the flow of fresh mixed super plasticized concrete to high working. The slump cone is placed centrally on the
table of to be held position by standing on the two foot pieces. A wooden tamping bar is provided for lightly tamping for each layer.



The V- Funnel flow (with stand & tray) time is the period a defined volume of SCC (self consolidating concrete) needs to pass an arrow opening and gives an indication of the filing ability of SCC provided that blocking and or segregation do not take place, the flow time of the V-Funnel test is to some degree related to the plastic viscosity.

Technical specifications are given below:-
Top opening of hopper: 515mm x 75mm Bottom opening of hopper : 65mm x 75mm Taper height :450mm Straight height : 150mm



L Box to investigating the flow rate and passing ability of SCC (self-consolidating concrete) in confined spaces. It measures the reached height of
fresh SCC after passing through the specified gaps of steel bars flowing within a defined flow distance. With this reached height, the passing or
blocking behavior of SCC can be estimated.


Weighing Balance 100kg, 10gm Accuracy

Weighing Balance 100kg, 10gm Accuracy


Enamel tray 450 x 300 x 40 mm

Enamel tray 450x300x40mm


Enamel tray 300 x 200 x 40 mm

Enamel tray 300x200x40mm


Enamel tray 200 x 150 x 30 mm

Enamel tray 200x150x30mm


Measuring Cylinder 500ml (glass)

Measuring Cylinder 500ml (glass)


Measuring Cylinder 1000 ml.

Measuring cylinder 1000ml.(glass)


Measuring Cylinder 500ml (Polycarbonate)

Measuring Cylinder 500ml(Polycarbonate)


Measuring Cylinder 1000ml (Polycarbonate)

Measuring Cylinder 1000ml (Polycarbonate)



The trowel blade of thickness 1.5mm and 100 to 150 mm long with straightedges and a wooden handle.


Measuring tape 5 mtr.

Measuring tape 5mtr.


Trowel medium

Trowel medium


Trowel large

Trowel large