*It has been brought to our notice that some company had shared an investment software in the name of HEICO Earning, which is not related to Hydraulic & Engineering Instruments – HEICO in any way. Any person investing with HEICO Earning, we are not liable in any means to anyone.

Quality Assurance & Testing

National & International Standards

The People at HEICO are committed to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement in production techniques, quality, reliability and services encompassing all statutory, regulatory, health, safety & environment requirements at work place within the defined scope of various manufacturing process & standards thereby complying with requirement of National & International Standards.

Quality Objectives

Maintain improving trends of customer satisfaction

Continuously monitor suppliers quality and encourage them in improvements

Continuous improvement in manufacturing process to enhance reliable results with product

On-time delivery of products as per customer requirement, demonstration of equipment, followed by service schedule for satisfactory working of the equipment

Quality of each instrument is checked at ALL STAGES

  • Incoming Raw Material
  • During Production
  • And Finally on Completion
quality drawing
To achieve these objectives the HEICO has implemented a detailed management system. It is responsibility of all staff to familiarize themselves with the contents of management system and comply with them at all times.