Geo-synthetic Test Equipment

geosynthetic pull out resistance testing System

Geosynthetic Pull Out Resistance Testing System

universal testing machine

Universal Testing Machine

Geosynthetics are modern day materials used by civil engineers to solve problems related to displacement of soils and other building materials. These are synthetic resin-bonded polymer/textiles created with specific purpose in mind. These are increasingly used in agriculture, irrigation, embankment, etc. They are available in varying thickness and as membranes. The materials are available in roll form and test-samples are cut as per standards followed. Geosynthetics are able to share stress in soils and enable rigidity to prevent displacement while permitting flow of water. These materials can be customized to retain or partly permit movement of particles.

They are commonly used as reinforcements.

The most common test for geosynthetics is tensile test (pullout resistance test). It is carried out using a tensile or universal testing machine.HEICO manufactures a range of tensile and universal testing machines which come with a lot of options to hold samples, and to display and present results. HEICO machines are equipped with HEICO’s own software which delivers unmatched functionality.