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Universal Triaxial Cells

The universal testing machines are highly suitable for performing triaxial tests on soil specimens of varying diameters from 38 mm to 100 mm with lateral pressure up to 2000 kpa. The cell has four take off positions and is fitted with three no volume change valves as in HS28.05. Supplied complete with one set of following accessories for each of 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm dia specimens.
Accessories are one pedestal, one loading pad, top drainage connection, pair of plain discs, pair of porous stones, one split sand former, one sheath stretcher, rubber sheaths (pack of ten) and four sealing O-rings for sizes varying from 38-100 mm dia specimen.

Universal Triaxial Cell

HS 28.30

Pressure Range – 1000 Kpa

Universal Triaxial Cell

HS 28.35

Pressure Range – 2000 Kpa

Same as HS28.30 except that the acrylic tube is reinforced so that the cell can withstand a maximum lateral pressure of 2000kpa. Test is performed as per IS:2720 (Part-12) with the help of machines provided by universal testing machine manufacturers.

Unsaturated Triaxial Cell

HS 28.40

This triaxial cell and universal sand testing machine is suitable for both unsaturated and saturated soil testing for soil samples of diameter 50mm & 100mm with L/D ratio of 2. It is a double walled Triaxial cell where inner wall have equal pressure on the both sides of the cell. It is suitable for confining pressure up to 1000kPa. The cell is provided with facility to measure both pore water pressure and pore air pressure during the test.

It is supplied complete with one loading pad, high air entry (HAE) value ceramic porous stones (2Bars) sealed on aluminium rings, two porous stones, one sheath stretcher, one split mould samplers, 10 latex rubber sheaths and four sealing rings for 50 & 100 mm diameter samples and drainage tubing.