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Triaxial Setup

Triaxial setup and triaxial testing apparatus has different main components. These components are selected to complete the setup. In the following pages specifications are given of each components. Main component requirement for this test are:

  • Load Frame
  • Triaxial Cell
  • Lateral Pressure Assembly
  • Measuring Unit

Load frame is essential equipment for carrying out Unconfined Compression, CBR and Triaxial Shear Tests. Since very slow rates of strains are required for Triaxial Shear Tests HEICO load frame are made to suit the same. A suitable frame can be selected from a wide range of our HS 26 series of Load frames depending upon the type of test and the size of sample. Each load frame is provided with a standard proving ring adaptor having ½” BSF male threads to suit Heico range of HS30 series Proving rings.

Load Frame, Hand operated, 50 kN

HS 26.05

The load frame is designed for a maximum load of 5000 kgf. It consists of a screw jack mounted in a reversible channel frame, which can be used for loading from top to bottom and vice versa.

Load Frame, Motorised, 50 kN capacity with Single Speed

HS 26.25

It is a single speed load frame designed for1.25mm/min strain rate. It can accommodate Triaxial cells up to 100mm diameter specimen. Loading capacity is 50kN.Operates on 220V, 50Hz supply

Load Frame, Motorised, 50 kN

HS 26.35

Multi rate of strain.
Designed to accommodate Universal Triaxial Cell for testing soil specimens up to 100 mm in diameter. A turret type motor drive gear unit to give 30 different rates of strain ranging
from 6 mm/min down to 0.00048 mm/min The motor and gear box assembly are housed in an elegant free standing console and electrical controls have been provided on the front panel of the load frame. Triaxial testing equipment is very suitable for operation on 220V, 50 Hz, Single phase supply.

Load Frame, Motorised, (100 kN)

HS 26.40

Same as HS26.35 except for the loading capacity of 100kN.

Load Frame, Motorised, (500 kN)

HS 26.50

Suitable for shear test on rock cores and soil specimens of large diameter. The frame with maximum day light of 900 mm, horizontal clearance 550 mm and platen size 250 mm
dia, is designed for maximum load capacity of 500 kN and is fitted with turret type gear unit are enclosed in an elegant console. Cross head is adjustable through pulley block. 

On-Off switch, Pilot lights and Forward Off Reverse switch are fitted on the electrical control panel. Height of cross head is adjusted through chain pulley. The triaxial testing instruments manufacturer provides equipment which is highly suitable for operation on 440V, 50Hz. three phase A.C. mains.

Digital Load Frame

HS 26.635

It is an advanced version of mechanical load frames. In this load frame, rate of strain is controlled through combination of electronics and micro stepper / Servo motor. The unit operates on 220Volts 50Hz single phase supply.


Capacity of the load frame – 50kN

Vertical Clearance – 800mm

Horizontal Clearance – 325 mm

Platen Diameter – 150mm

Platen Speed – 0.00001-9.9999 mm/min

Weight – 110 Kg