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Static Cone Penetration Test

Static cone penetration test is internationally recognized as a standard field test to collect data about bearing capacity and frictional resistance of soil.

The equipment meets the essential requirements of IS:4968 (Part – III) the probing part consists of a cone which has an apex angle of 600 and an overall base diameter of 35.7 mm equivalent to area of 10 cm2.

The cone is connected with sounding rods which are protected by mantle tubes. The assembly of sounding rod and mantle tube is pushed into the soil, by means of a mechanical rack jack or by an engine driven hydraulic pumping unit and ram. Basically the test procedure consists of first pushing the cone alone, then the cone and the friction jacket and finally the whole assembly in sequence through specified depth and noting the resistance in the first two cases, limited to the designed capacity of the unit. The readings are taken for every 20 cm of penetration, and thus continuous data of end bearing and frictional resistance of soil is recorded. The results are correlated with bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundation and piles.

Static Cone Test is unsuitable for gravelly soils. The Static Cone resistance is correlated with the ‘N’ value as obtained from standard penetration test, thus increasing the utility of the test.

‘HEICO’ Static Cone Penetrometers, both hand operated and engine driven, conform to the essential requirements of IS : 4968 (Part III) – 1976.

Static Cone Penetrometer, Hand Operated, 30 kN (3000 kgf.) Capacity

HS 34.70

The unit incorporates a two speed geared drive assembly and is provided with two handles for ease of operation. The essential features are a frame to which is mounted a two column structure. The cross head carries the winch mechanism with a pinion driving a long travel geared rack.

The unit is supplied complete with:

  • Screw type anchors for reaction complete with fixtures. 4 Nos.
  • Mantle tubes one meter long with conical threads, 36 mm non-uniform diameter -15 Nos.
  • Sounding rods, one meter long 15 Nos.
  • Pressure Gauges, 150 mm dia 0-60 & 160 kgf/cm² – 1 No. each
  • Cone with friction jacket 10 cm² base area – 1 No.
  • Cone without friction jacket 10 cm² base area – 1 No.
  • Set of tools for the unit – 1 set.
  • Automatic cut-off device for pressure Gauge – 1 No.

Static Cone Penetrometer, 100 kN (10,000 kgf.) Capacity, Engine Driven

HS 34.75

The unit facilitates exploration to greater depths with smooth penetration at a fairly constant penetration rate. The machine is driven by 4.8 hp diesel engine, suitable for loading up to 100 kN. and is mounted on a pneumatic tyred towable frame.

The equipment comprises the following :-

  • Driving mechanism consisting of an engine driven pumping unit and a hydraulic ram.
  • Driving head consisting of hydraulic cylinder and piston.
  • One pressure gauge 0 to 160 kg/cm² capacity.
  • One pressure gauge 0 to 600 kg/cm² capacity.
  • Automatic cut-out without pressure gauge 1No.
  • Mantle tubes, of uniform dia meter ne meter long 30 Nos.
  • Sounding rods, one meter long 30 Nos.
  • Sounding cone, without friction jacket, 10 cm2 base area 1 No.
  • Sounding cone with friction jacket, 10 cm² base area 1 No.
  • Trusses : 2 No.
  • Screw Anchors with 45 cm blade complete 6 Nos.
  • Screw Anchors, blade only, 30 cm dia 6 Nos.
  • Screw Anchors blade only, 20 cm dia 6 Nos.
  • Handle for screw anchors 1 No.
  • Tool kit for machine 1 Set.
  • Tarpoline cover

200kN Static cone penetration machine

HS 34.77

The 200 kN Static Cone Penetration Machine is one of the latest development by HEICO in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. It is powered by a 12.5 H.P. air cooled diesel engine. The frame of the machine is made as light as possible, but strong enough to resist the stress developed due to penetration and withdrawal of sounding tubes. The drive head consists of two long stroke double acting hydraulic rams supported by two guide columns. Pressure is exerted onto the tubes and rods through the measuring head fixed with two high and low load gauges.

An automatic pressure cut off valve is provided which automatically cuts low pressure gauge the moment pressure exceed 120 kg/sqcm. Measuring device is provided for both cone pressure and total pressure while driving the standard cone of 600 with base area of 10 cm2 and friction jacket at a constant rate as per Indian Standard 4968 (Part – III). All components are mounted on a single axle steel trailer frame on pneumatic wheels with built in truss for anchoring it through number of ground anchors for reaction as required under field conditions. It is provided with telescopic legs with inbuilt provisions for leveling the unit before tests.

Technical specifications
Max. Pushing force : 200 kN
Max. pulling force : 220 kN
Drive : 12.5 HP Diesel Engine

Low: 0-160 kg/cm²

High: 0-600 kg/cm²

Penetration Speed: 10-15 mm/sec as per ISI 4968 (Part III)

Hydraulic Ground Anchor Spanner

HS 34.75.10

To speed up insertion and retraction of anchors, Hydraulic Ground Anchor Spanner, designed to be operated by the Power Pack of the unit itself, can be supplied at extra cost. This unit works through a high torque low r.p.m. hydraulic motor and is light enough to be conveniently operated by two persons.


Heico has developed a Piezo cone with data acquisition system for on site, acquiring the data for various parameters like:-

  • Point resistance
  • Skin friction
  • Total resistance offered to cone & rods
  • Depth of penetration
  • Pore pressure

This piezo cone can be used with any of our 100kN Static Cone Penetrometer, or 200kN Static Cone Penetrometer with the change of bracket.
There are different model of cones to suite various site conditions. Most commonly used is the subtraction cone where as compression cone is used for soft areas. Cone area is 10cm.

Data Acquisition System

HS 34.585

The data acquisition system has been designed to be used with any of the above cones. It has I.P. 65 protection and has a serial communication port to be used with standard Laptop.

Software for Piezo cone
Supporting software for Piezo cone operates in windows. It is used friendly and can be used for reporting. All plotting is done on x – t basis.

Features of the software are :-

  • Cone resistance
  • Local sleeve friction
  • Pore pressure
  • Total load

Note: all the above plots are against depth of penetration.

Split Spoon Sampler

HS 34.80

This sampler meets the requirements of IS:9640 for carrying out standard penetration tests as per IS:2131 to determine the penetration resistance of soils in-situ (N – Value)

The equipment comprises the following :-

  • Split barrel 38 mm I.D. 50.8 mm OD and 500 mm long.
  • Driving shoe with hardened cutting edge.
  • Head assembly with ball valve and adopter to fit to A-rod.

Piston Sampler

HS 34.90

It is a thin walled sampler carrying a piston attached to a piston rod, which extends through the hollow drill rods to the ground surface. A locking ball cone clamp provided in the sampler rear prevents the piston from sliding down after the sample has been collected.

It consists of :-

  • Sampling tube 50.8 mm inside dia x 600 mm long – 1 No
  • Piston with piston rod – 1 No.
  • Adapter for connecting rod – 1 No.
  • Sampler head with adapter for A-rod and ball cone clamp – 1 No

Drop Hammer

HS 34.100

Weight 65 kg. Complete with lifting eyes and chain.

Guide Pipe Assembly

HS 34.105

With two end caps to give a free fall of 75 cm to HS34.100

Tripod Stand

HS 34.110

With 5 meter long mild steel legs (in two pieces) with tie bolt and pulley.

HE-SPL Automatic SPT Test Apparatus

Comprising of the following :-
Automatic Hammer with guide pipe assembly having automatic release mechanism

Tripod with towing arrangement and wheels

Split Spoon Sampler (HS34.80)

This sampler meets the requirements of IS:9640 for carrying out standard penetration tests as per IS:2131 to determine the penetration resistance of soils in-situ (N – Value)

The equipment comprises the following:-

  • Split barrel 35 mm I.D. 50.8 mm OD and 500 mm long.
  • Driving shoe with hardened cutting edge.
  • Head assembly with ball valve and adopter to fit to A-rod.

Manila rope -1 No.

– ’A’’ Rod 1 Mtr. Long – 10 Nos.