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Standard Penetrometer

Standard Penetrometer

HF 60.30

IS : 1203, 1448 (P:60), 310, IP 49, 50 ASTM D-5, 217, D-637

For determining the consistency of grease, petroleum. Bitumen, tar, wax, food stuffs, rubber, cement, asphalt

and pharmaceutical creams, etc.

It has a base with levelling screws on which a vertical pillar is mounted. A head together with dial, plunger rod & cone (or needle) slides on the pillar and can be clamped at any desired height.

A rack, pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment to the needle and the slipping clutch mechanism
enables accurate measurements of penetration. The dial is graduated in 40 x 0.1 mm divisions. Easy reading
is made possible by using a red needle against black graduated figures. Supplied complete with one 50 gms
Fand 100 gms weight without cone or needle.

Universal Penetrometer

HF 60.35

Same as HF60.30 but provided with coarse and fine movement for the head. This is achieved by micrometer differential gearing system.

Universal Penetrometer with Automatic Time Controller

HF 60.40

Same as HF60.35 but has an automatic timer controller.The automatic timer supplies 220 V, D.C. output for exactly 5 seconds to a timing head (built in electromagnet).The timer head allows the plunger rod to fall freely for 5 seconds and clamps it automatically after 5 seconds.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Penetrometer Cone

HF 60.45.1

IS 1448 (P:60) and IP : 50

It is used in estimating the consistency of lubricating grease and petroleum.

Penetrometer Needle

HF 60.45.2

IS : 1203-1958

It is highly polished and tapered steel rod mounted in brass shank to fit into the plunger of penetrometer.

Bitumen Penetration Kit

HF 60.45.3

Bitumen Penetration Kit for determining the consistency of semi-solid bituminous materials.

It consists of a standard penetration needle mounted in a brass shank, a transfer dish 90 mm dia x 70 mm
deep approx and two aluminium sample containers 55 mm dia x 35 mm deep and 55 mm dia x 57 mm deep.

Transistorised Penetrometer Controller or Timer

HF 60.45.4

This unit supplies 220V, D.C. output exactly for 5 seconds to a timing head (Built in Electromagnet). The
timer head allows the plunger rod to fall freely for 5 seconds and clamps it automatically after 5 seconds.

Suitable for operation on 220V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Grease Worker (Hand Operated)


IS : 1448 (P:60) IP:50, astm d-217

It is used for working the grease. It can also be used as a container when measuring the penetration of
It consists of a worker pot in brass casting, a workertop and a perforated plate fixed to a rod which moves
freely in the worker top. All the above are fixed to a rod which moves freely through the top plate.

Cutter for Block Grease ASTM D-217


For trimming the grease block for penetration tests.

It consists of a base on which two pillars are mounted vertically. A cutting blade fixed to two guides slides
freely on the two pillars. An ‘L’ bracket is fixed on one side of the base at right angles to the blade and it acts as a guiding edge for the block. A handle is welded in between the blade guides. A maximum block of 150
mm x 100 mm cross section can be accomodated in ths cutter.

Stop Watch Holder (Bench Type)


It is made of cast aluminium. The push button operates the watch for start, stop and reset by a single lever
mechanism which is adjustable for different watch sizes. Supplied without stop watch.