Activation Energy Study Apparatus

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Characteristics of PID Controller

Flow Control Training System

Flow-Through Fuidised Bed

Flow Tubular Reactor (CoilD Tube Type)

Interacting & Non-Interacting System

Isothermal Semi Batch Reactor

Level Control Training System

Packed Bed Reactor

Pressure Control Trainer

Pressure Drop Through Packed Bed

Sequencing Batch Reactor

Soild in Air Diffusion Apparatus

Temperature Control Training System

Time Constant of Manometer

Vapour in Air Diffusion

Vapour Pressure of Marcet Boiler

Vortex Colling Device

Bending Moment in a Beam

Deflection of Beams & Cantilever

Elastic Beams & Continuous Beam Apparatus

Euler Buckling Struts

Parabolic Arch Analysis-121

Parabolic Arch Analysis-122

Plastic Bending of Beam

Portal Frame Deflection & Reaction

Shear Force Beam

Three Pinned Arch

Two Pinned Arch Apparatus