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Sample Prepration

Rock Cutting Machine

HR 72.05

Rock Cutting Machine can be used to cut cores of varied sizes of concrete, stones, other building materials and metallic specimens.

Sturdy ball bearing loaded table carrying the clamped specimen is pushed towards the rotating diamond saw. The diamond saw is powered by a 2 H.P. motor operating on 440 volts 3 phase supply which rotates it at approximately 2000 RPM. Depth of the cut is adjusted by pressing blade carriage. It can be locked in position with the help of a lever. Height is adjusted through the ‘D’ slot provided. Blade can be clamped in any position.

For wet cutting a coolant pump and tank is supplied along with the machine. Pump gives a discharge of approximately 600 litres/hour. Machine sump helps in the recirculation of the used coolant.

Machine proper is supplied without blade.

Automatic Rock Cutting Saw

HR 72.06


  • Microprocessor based controlling for speed of cutting and the rotation of the diamond wheel is controlled through VFD.
  • Suitable for cutting cylindrical and rectangular specimens of Rock, Asphalt, Bitumen, Concrete etc.
  • 2 motors one for cutting of the specimen and the other for feeding of the blade towards the specimen.
  • ‘T’ slots table bed (Size 500 x 1000mm) for holding irregular specimen size of slot M 12 x 4 Nos
  • Pneumatic holding device for holding round specimen from 100-150mm 1No.
  • Variable speed of the cutting blade – 1000-3000 rpm
  • Diameter of the Diamond wheel – 600 mm
  • Maximum depth of cut- 200 mm
  • Feed speed variable from 5mm-50mm/min with Arrangement for inching @500mm/min
  • Water tank with strainer- 100 liters & Water pump@600 lpm
  • Safety features- Emergency stops at 2 points, Over load protection for the motor.

Cutting & Polishing Machine

HR 72.398

A single machine can perform both the operations i.e. cutting and polishing. The cutting size is limited upto NX core or smaller.

The machine is fixed on a pedestal. A sample holder is provided in which the sample is moved towards the cutting blade. After cutting the faces can be ground or polished to a very fine finish on the diamond impregnated polishing blade.

Technical specifications are as under :-

Dia of blade                         :       250/300 mm
Dia. of polishing disc         :       200 mm
Operating HP                      :       2
Operated on                        :       440 Volts, 3 phase (220 volts Optional)
Water Flow valve                :       Provided
RPM of blade                      :       2200 (approx.)

Cutting & Polishing Machine

HR 72.398

Sample size Nx and height up to 150mm.
Jig for 150mm
Jig for 450mm