Rock Bolt Pull Out Test Apparatus

As per B.I.S. – 11309, ASTM D4435, ISRM.

The objective of the test method is to measure the working and ultimate capacities of rock bolt anchors.

The system comprises of a central hole jack, hand pump with load gauge, directional control valve (only for central hole jacks above the capacity of 500kN), flexible pipes, truss high tensile test rod with coupling.

In general the pull out force is indicated on load gauge, however a load cell can be used for the measuring of pull out load. Arrangement is provided for fixing dial gauge for estimating deflection against the load.

Different size of adopters are provided with the high tensile test rod.

HR72.450.1 Thread size M20LH
HR72.450.2 Thread size M25LH
HR72.450.3 Thread size M30LH
HR72.450.4 Thread size M32LH

Dial Gauge
HS29.15 25mm x 0.01mm