Ring and Ball Apparatus

Ring and Ball Apparatus


IS : 1205, IP:58/63

The determining the softening point of bitumen. The apparatus consists of two steel balls (9.5 mm dia), two tapered rings in brass, two ball centring guides, a ring holder and a bath 8.5 cm dia x 12 cm deep approx.

Ring and Ball Apparatus (Electrically Operated)


Same as HF62.40 but with a heating unit, an energy regulator and a motorised stirrer.
Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz single phase supply.

Ring and Ball Apparatus Thermometers


These are thermometers used with Ring and Ball Apparatus.

Cat.No.              Type           Range
HF62.50.1         IP 60 C        -2°C to 80°C
HF62.50.2         IP 61 C        30°C to 200°C.