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Redwood Viscomete

Redwood Viscometer No.1 (Gas Heated) I P 70/62 counter

HF 56.30

For determining the viscosity of oils and waxy fuel oils as a time of flow in seconds. The No.1 Viscometer, is for oils having flow times in 30-2000 seconds range.

The apparatus consists of silver plated oil cup provided with a cover. The oil cup has a precise stainless steel jet which can be closed by silver plated metal ball valve. A cylindrical copper water bath is fitted with a heating tube and a drain cock. The bath is mounted on a stand with levelling screws. Complete with a spirit level, a collar for thermometer, a stirrer with insulated handle and a 50 ml. Flask. HS10.15

Redwood Viscometer No.1 (Electrically Heated)

HF 56.35

Same as HF56.30 but the side tube is replaced with a heating element. A variable auto transformer is also provided.

Suitable for operation on 220 volts, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Redwood Viscometer No. II (Gas Heated) 1 P 70/62

HF 56.40​

This Viscometer is for oils whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds and is suitable for use at temperatures upto 260°C. The apparatus has a silver plated brass cup with a cover and its base is prolonged as a brass tube. A cylidrical copper water bath which is fitted with two heating tubes and a drain cock is mounted on a stand withlevelling screws. Supplied complete with a circular spirit level, a clip for thermometer, a stirrer with insulated handle and a 50 ml.Flask.

Redwood Viscometer No.II (Electrically Heated)

HF 56.45

Same as HF56.40 but the side tube is replaced by a heating element. It is provided with a variable auto transformer and is suitable for operation on 20V, 50Hz, single phase supply.

Redwood Viscometer Thermometers

HF 56.50

HF56.50.1 IP 8C 0° – 44°C.
HF56.50.2 IP 9C 37.8°C – 82°C.
HF56.50.3 IP 10C 76°C – 122°C.