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Plate Bearing Test

The test is performed for the determination of bearing capacity of soils for allowable settlement under static loads at shallow foundation as per IS:1888.

The test is conducted at the bottom of a pit excavated to the pre-determined foundation level or at any other surface leveled for this purpose. Load is applied to a bearing plate of appropriate size through a hydraulic jack, in successive five or more increments, until the load intensity on the plate is approximately 3 times the designed bearing pressure of the prototype foundation. The plate bearing pressure of the soil is interpreted as per IS from the load settlement curves obtained from two or three tests conducted with bearing plates of different sizes.

Plate Load Test Apparatus

HS 34.150

The unit incorporates a two speed geared drive assembly and is provided with two handles for ease of operation. The essential features are a frame to which is mounted a two column structure. The cross head carries the winch mechanism with a pinion driving a long travel geared rack.

The apparatus consists of :-

  • Hydraulic jack – 500 kN (50,000 kgf.) supplied complete with hand operated pumping unit having 150 mm dia pressure gauge and one 5 meter long metal or flexible connecting pipe with adopters – 1 set.
  • Ball and socket assembly – 1 set
  • Set of MS plates
    a.   600 mm x 600 mm x 25 mm – 1 No.
    b.  450 mm x 450 mm x 25 mm – 1 No.
    c.   300 mm x 300 mm x 25 mm – 1 No.
  • ‘L’ Bracket for Dial Gauge – 4 Nos.
  • Connecting pipe set consisting of one 60 cm long & two 30 cm long extensions with nuts and bolts.

Load Truss 200 kN (20 Tonne) Capacity

HS 34.155

The load truss provides necessary reaction for loading bearing plates. The truss is of fabricated R.S.J. construction in two halves which can be easily assembled together at site.

The equipment consists of :-

  • Truss in two parts.
  • Two joists.
  • Eight anchors.
  • Beams – 2Nos.
  • Anchor & Bolts (as per load capacity)
  • Eight joining bolts with nuts.
  • Set of tools for assembly and set up.

Load Truss 300 kN (30 tonne) Capacity

HS 34.160

Similar to HS34.155 but designed for higher reaction loading of 300 kN or 30 tonnes. Supplied with twelve anchorage and 130 spikes.

Load truss 500 kN (50 tonne) Capacity

HS 34.165

Similar to HS34.155 but designed for a reaction loading of 500 kN or 50 tonnes. Supplied with sixteen anchorages and 170 spikes.


Oven drying method is the standard method for the determination of moisture content of soils and aggregates. The temperature of the specimen is to be maintained between 1050 and 1100. ‘HEICO’ manufactures a range of thermostatically controlled ovens for working within the range of ambient to 2500. The maximum variation in the set temperature is ±10C.

Described hereunder are two types of ovens generally used in the laboratories.

Hot air oven

HS 100.105

This is a double walled oven with the inner chamber made of aluminum or stainless steel sheet and the outer surface of mild steel sheet with a gap of 64 mm between walls filled with glass wool for proper insulation to avoid heat loss. Outside is finished in durable white enamel. Two or three removable shelves are provided in the inner chamber. The door is fitted with heavy cast chromium plated hinges and a spring type automatic roller to and fro latch.

The temperature is controlled with a precision thermostat. The inner chamber is heatedwith the help of coil heaters placed at the bottom with a three point control switch (Rotary Switch) for low, medium and high wattage.

The temperature control knob is graduated. Wattage control knob is marked OFF, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. The control panel is mounted directly below the door. The neon pilot lights are provided which indicate control cycles as well as mains.

Complete with adjustable shutters for ventilation near the top, shelves, wire and plug but without thermometer. Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.


This is also a double walled oven with the inside made of thick anodised aluminium or stainless steel. Outside is mild steel finished in white enamel. The gap between the inside and outside is 75 mm and is filled with pure glass wool. The heating elements are placed in the ribs at bottom and sides. Adjustable air ventilators are provided near the top on the sides. A built in horizontal thermometero 2500 is provided as standard.

A precision thermostat control the temperature from ambient to 2500C with ±10C sensitivity. The perforated shelves are adjustable at any level. On the electrical control panel are mounted a thermostat, two pilot lights and a three heat switch. Provision is therefore fitting an automatic timer, if required, at extra cost. Cord and plug supplied as standard. Suitable for operation on 220/230 V, 50 Hz, A.C.