Pensky Martens Flash Point

Pensky Martens Flash Point (Closed) Tester (Gas Heated)

HF 58.30

IS: 1448 (Part 1) 1209, IP 34/58, ASTM D-93

For determining flash point of petroleum products
(Above 49°C flash point range)

It has a brass coil cup fitted with a heat resistance handle. The cup is provided with a lid which includes stirring device, a cover, shutter and a flame explosive device. The shutter is operated by a spring handle. A flexible shaft is provided in the hand operated stirrer.

A Cast Iron stove is fitted with a metal top plate mounted on an upright member (Gas Manifold) and it feeds a needle valve controlled burner.

Pensky Martens Flash Point (Closed) Tester (Electrically Operated)

HF 58.35

Same as HF58.30 but supplied with a hot plate instead of the Gas Burner. The energy regulator controls the heating.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, Single phase supply.

Open Clip

HF 58.40

IS : 1448, 1209, P : 66 and IP 35/63

For determining the open Flash and fire point of petroleum products.

It is a clip with gas jet which can be fitted on the upper rim of the oil cup.

Pensky Martens Tester Thermometers

HF 58.45

These are thermometers used in Pensky Martens Flash Point Test.

Cat. No.                      Type                      Range
HF58.45.1          IP 15 C -7O°       to     +110°C.
HF58.45.2          IP 16 C 90°         to      370°C.