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Moisture Meters

Our range of Moisture Meters are as follows

Rapid Moisture Meter conforming to IS :12175

HS 10.110

Moisture content determination of soil is an important part of listing in the field of agriculture, civil engineering, pharmaceutical industry etc. Test is based on the chemical reaction between calcium carbide and moisture in the soil.

The amount of gas formed is directly proportional to the moisture content which is indicated in terms of percentage on the pressure gauge.

Features :

  • Fast accurate and reliable.
  • No electricity required.

Infrared Moisture Meter

HS 10.120

Heico infrared moisture meter is fast, accurate, operates on 220Volts AC supply. It is completely automatic and provides % moisture loss through entire drying cycle. Heating arrangement consist of 250 watts heating lamp with a solid state power stat to control rate of drying and also temperature.