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Marshall Apparatus

Marshall Apparatus (Electrically Operated)


ASTM D-1559

For determining the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimens of bituminous paving mixture loaded on its lateral surface. For use with hot mixture containing asphalt or tar and aggregate upto 25.4 mm max size.

It consists of three cylindrical moulds 10.16 cm dia x 7.6 cm high with base plates and extension collars, a specimen extractor, two compaction hammers (4.5 kg) a compaction pedestal, a breaking head assembly, a load transfer bar and a 50 kN loading unit.

The motorised loading unit has a uniform rate of vertical movement of 50.8 mm/mnt.

Suitable for operation on 220V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Modified Marshal Apparatus


The apparatus consists of following:-

Modified Marshal Load Frame, 10,000 kg with 50kN provingring Breaking head assembly with flow meter Rammer for marshal (2 Nos. required) Modified Marshal mould 150mm dia (3Nos.)

Pedestal for holding the mould (1No.) Breaking head assembly 100 mm (1No.) Collar for marshal mould 100 mm (3Nos.) Base for marshal mould (3Nos.) Pedestal for holding the mould 100 mm & 150 mm mould Dial gauge 25 mm travel, 0.01 mm/divn. Proving ring 50 kN capacity

Marshal Stability Test Apparatus with digital Display


This model reduces uncertainty in mannully recording of the readings load unit and other accessories are the same as supplied in HB 64.05 except that it has digital display unit for indicating of load and flow since the unit is micro processor based it records the flow at maximum load. Serial port. Serial port is a part of the system for Computer communication.

The Unit comprises of
i) Load Frame                                                                              25kN cap
ii) Rammers                                                                                 2 Nos.
iii) Moulds                                                                                    3 Nos.
iv) Breaking Head assembly                                                      1No.
v) Digital Display
vi) Load Cell                                                                                 50 kN
vii) Displacement sensor along with flow meter                   +/- 20mm