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Manhole Cover Testing Machine

For carrying out the load test on manhole covers up to 1 meter dia and other frames intended for use in drainage works. The equipment comprises a loading frame and a pumping unit connected through a flexible pressure hose pipe. The loading frame consists of a steel base and a cross head held together by two pillars with nuts. An adjustable lead screw passes through the cross head. To the lower end of the lead screw is attached the hydraulic loading jack with a spherical seating in between to facilitate self adjustment for proper face to face contact of loading plate with the test sample.

The upper end of the lead screw carries a hand wheel for adjustment of spacing between platens. One vertical guide rod prevents the rotary motion of the jack while its height is being adjusted. Two rubber faced loading plates, one each of 100 mm and 300 mm dia, are provided for loading the test samples. These blocks can be screwed to the piston of the loading jack, one at a time, to suit the requirement of test sample. These clocks can be screwed to the piston of the loading jack, one at a time, to suit the requiremtn of test sample. The machine is provided with a hand operated pumping unit to which is fitted a 200mm dia load gauge, range 500 kN x 2.5 kN. A lagless pointer is provided on the load gauge to record the load at failure. Supplied complete with one filling of Hydraulic oil and two open ended spanners.

500 KN Manhole Cover Testing Machine, Hand operated

IS:1726- 1974

HC 44.150

This machine is provided with

  • Loading Unit – 500kN
  • Hand Pump – Double piston type with oil reservoir of 20litrs.
  • Load Gauge – 0-500x2kN sensitivity
  • Flexible pipe

500 KN Manhole Cover Testing Machine, Electrically Operated


Same as above but with electrically operated pumping unit. Suitable for operation on 440V, 50Hz, 3 phase supply.

500 KN Manhole Cover Testing Machine, Digital


Same as above except that the system is upplied with electornic display. Load is displayed directly in engineering unit. The digital display has the facility for peak hold which can be re-set as and when required.