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Izod / Charpy Impact Tester

This Izod Impact Tester is designed for conducting CHARPY, IZOD and IMPACT TENSION test. The method confirm to IS: 1757-1973 and IS: 1499-1977, IS: 1598 – 1977, BS : 131 Part 4 – 1972 & EN 10045 – 2.

The Impact energy absorbed by the specimen during rupture is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture and the height of rise after rupture of the test specimen and is read on the dial scale.

The unit has a hammer connected to the antifriction bearing body through a hollow pipe. There are two positions for releasing the hammer, upper position for ‘Charpy’ and lower position for ‘Izod’. On release of the hammer, it swings down to break the specimen. The differential energy before after breaking of the specimen is shown on the scale directly in Joule’s. Pointer which is freely attached to the scale indicates the reading on the scale.

System is supplied complete with two strikes and a combined support to be fixed in the base.

Manual break is provided for stopping the pendulum from swinging after the test. Guard is provided for operator protection.