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High Sensitivity Proving Rings Confirms to IS:4169-1988

Proving Rings are precision load measuring devices machined from special forged steel and are properly heat treated to give maximum sensitivity and durability. Every Proving Ring is fitted with a dial gauge of 0.002 mm sensitivity and is supplied in a wooden/ thermocol case complete with a calibration chart.

Three types of proving rings are available viz Integral Proving Rings, clamped bosses proving ring and Tension-Compression Proving Rings.

Clamped Bosses Proving Rings

HSC 30.200

These Proving rings have clamped bosses and are available in the range of 0.5kN – 100kN. repeatability and accuracy of all the rings confirm to IS4169:1988

Cat No.                  Capacity
HSC30.205            0.5 kN
HSC30.210            1.0 kN
HSC30.215             2 kN
HSC30.220            2.5 kN
HSC30.225            5 kN
HSC30.230            10 kN
HSC30.235            20 kN
HSC30.240            25 kN
HSC30.245            50 kN
HSC30.250            100 kN

Integral Proving Rings
These Proving rings have integral loading bosses forged and machined along with the ring. These bosses can not shift their position to cause mis-alignment which may result in loss of accuracy These rings are manufactured up to 3000kN capacity.

Cat No.                Capacity
HS30.205             0.5 kN
HS30.210             1.0 kN
HS30.215             2 kN
HS30.220             2.5 kN
HS30.225             5 kN
HS30.230             10 kN
HS30.235             20 kN
HS30.240             25 kN
HS30.245             50 kN
HS30.250             100 kN
HS30.255             150 kN
HS30.260             200 kN
HS30.265             250 kN
HS30.270             500 kN
HS30.275             1000 kN
HS30.280             2000 kN
HS30.285             3000 kN

Note : Proving Rings of capacity 1000 kN and above are provided with loading platens.

Tension - Compression Proving Rings

HSC 30.400

These rings can be used both in tension as well as compression. The bosses of these rings are integral and have male threads for fixing to the tensile testing machine. Female threaded blind caps are provided on both sides for its use as compression proving rings. The capacity of these rings varies from 1kN to 100kN

Cat No.                Capacity
HS30.410              1.0 kN
HS30.415               2 kN
HS30.420              2.5 kN
HS30.425               5 kN
HS30.430               10 kN
HS30.435               20 kN
HS30.440               250kN
HS30.445               50kN
HS30.450               100kN

Note : Proving Rings with capacities other than specified here, can also be manufactured on specific request. On demand, the rings from 50 kg to 100 tonne capacity can be supplied with N.P.L. certificate, and from 25 tonne to 300 tonne capacity with N.C.C.B.M. (National Council For Cement & Building Materials) certificate at extra cost.