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Tube Sampler for packaged Cement

IS : 3535-1966, (ASTM C-183)

HC 35.05

It is used for sampling of cement from bags and consists of a brass tube approximately 28 mm inside diameter. It carries wooden handle at one end and is bevelled at the other end. An air hole is provided near the handle. The volume of the sampling tube is approximately 300cc. and it can collect approximately 750g of cement in one operation.

Slotted Tube Sampler for Bulk Cement

IS : 3535-1966, (ASTM-183)

HC 35.10

These samplers are used for sampling of cement from wagons and from ship’s hold.

The sampler consists of two telescopic brass tubes with slots along their lengths. The slots can be opened for collecting the sample and then closed by rotating the inner tube. The tube has a conical end for easy penetration. These samplers are between 1.5 to 1.8 m long with about 35 mm O.D for sampling from ship’s hold and can be used up to 2m depth.

These are about 60 cm in length when required to be used for sampling from wagons.