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Flexure Testing Machine

These machines are designed to conform to the essential requirements of IS 9399-1979 or on request IS 516.
It can test beams of 100 mm and 150 mm square cross sections.

100 kN Flexure Testing Machine (Hand Operated)


This model is hand version model comprising of a four pillar loading unit with a jack at the base. The top of the jack carries the table for the beam and has two rollers whose center distance can be adjusted to suit cross sectional area of sample beam.

Top plate has an adjustable seating and a member with two rollers.

100 kN Flexure Testing Machine Motorised

HC 44.03

It is same as HC44.02 except that it has a motorized unit. The unit have a load gauge for the indication of breaking load of the beam. Operates on 220 volts single phase AC supply.

Electronic Flexure Strength Testing Machine

HC 544.03

Same as HC44.03 except that the system is provided with electronic readout unit instead of load gauge. Read out unit has facility for peak hold in addition to auto ranging of the load displayed in kN. RS232 is provided as standard, which can be coupled to the computer through serial port.

100 KN Flexure Testing Machine with Auto Pacing System


It is a state-of-the-art machine. Total control of the machine is through the key board. Entry of the pace rate either on stress or strain basis is programmed through the touch panel display. In the process of the test, readings are displayed on the digital display along with pace rate indication. Once the specimen brakes the ram retracts to its original position. The accuracy of the displayed reading is as per IS 1828 Grade I or BS 1610 Grade ‘A’. Machines can also be supplied to meet the norms of BS 1881.The system operates on 220 volts, single phase supply.

200 KN Flexure Testing Machine with Auto Pacing System


It is similar to HCA644.05 except the capacity is 200kN.

Servo Controlled Compression Testing Machine with Digital readout unit along with Flexure Attachment for Testing of Cement Samples As per EN 196.


The system is totally servo controlled with the facility of running one unit at a time either compression unit for testing 40mm cubes or flexure unit for testing specimen size 40 x 40x 160mm.

Principle of operation is based on Closed loop Principle.

The Close loop Principle is : –

A signal is generated on the ramp generator. Feed back signal is generated by the system. Both the Signals are processed at a speed of 10kHz in P.I.D. controller.

Resultant Signal is passed on to the Servo Valve keeping the system within + 2% of the Programmed value.

Loading Frame

Load frame is steel welded. It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue. These frames are light in weight. The base carries a fine finished hydraulic ram and the lower platen.

The top plate has a spherical seating to take care of any irregularity of the specimen surface or slight misplacement of the specimen from the central axis. Front cover is made of expanded sheet, which is provided as a protection to the operator while at the same time giving an unobstructive view of the specimen under test. An additional frame is provided by the side of the main unit for testing of samples in flexure as per EN 196 is fixed on the left hand side of the main loading unit.

Power Pack

Power pack is placed by the side of the loading unit and is connected to the main unit through quick-couplings.

It is powered by a single phase motor to load the unit to its maximum capacity. It has provision for fast lift and also for the selection between ompression
unit or flexure unit.

Fixture for Testing Small Cubes

Fixture is made as per EN-196, for the testing of small cubes. It has a free moving spring loaded spherical seating. Bottom part of the fixture can accommodates cubes upto 50 mm.

Note:– Only one unit can be used at a time since all the controls are inter-related.

Main Unit

Capacity of the main unit (kN): 500
Max. Ram Travel (mm):             50
Day light clearance (mm):         350
Horizontal Clearance (mm):     300
Size of Platen (mm):                   256

Flexure Unit
Capacity of the flexure unit (kN): 5
Maximum travel (mm):                 50
Day light clearance (mm):             60