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Variable Flow Type Air Permeability Apparatus (Blaine Type)

IS : 5516-1969

HC 36.05

It is used for determination of fineness of cements, pozzolanas and other powdery materials in terms of specific surface, which is expressed as total surface area in square centimeters per gram of the material under test.

The apparatus comprises the following :-

  • Standard permeability cell made of brass,12.5 mm inside dia with one perforated metal disc and one plunger.
  • A U-Tube glass manometer with rubber coupling for permeability cell, mounted on a steel stand.
  • Latex rubber tubing, 30 cm long along with suction bulb.
  • 10 filter paper discs, No. 40 whatman.
  • 250 ml Dibutylphthalate liquid.

Constant Flow Type Air Permeability Apparatus (Lea & Nurse Type)

IS : 5536-1969

HC 36.10

Used for measuring the specific surface of powdery materials expressed as total surface area in square cms per gram of the material.

Dry air at a constant velocity is passed through the prepared bed of material contained in permeability cell. The pressure drop across the bed of material and the rate of air flow are measured by the manometer and flow meter respectively.

The apparatus comprises the following :-

  • A Permeability cell complete with a perforated plate, rubber ‘O’ ring and plunger.
  • Wooden stand fitted with a manometer, a flow-meter and a capillary tubing.
  • 10 Nos. filter paper discs.

Automatic Blain Air Permeability Apparatus

HC 36.15

Automatic Blaine Apparatus is an automated version of Blaine apparatus conforming to testing procedure laid down in relevant National and International standards.

Salient Features

  • Fully PC controlled operation for testing and analysis
  • Automatic control of fluid movement
  • Automatic measurement of temperature & Viscosity during the test
  • Facility to configure and monitor various cement types
  • Easy and tamper-proof calibration using a lockable ball valve

Note- A PC is required for use with the Automatic Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus but it is not part of supply and has to be arranged by customer for loading software

Supplied Complete with:

  • Filter papers 12.8 mm dia. (1000 ea.)
  • Fill oil, 50 ml
  • Light grase, 50 ml
  • Plug, sensor internally, brush and funnel
  • With software, without PC

Power: 230V 50Hz, 110V/60Hz