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Extraction & Sample Preparation

Extraction of undisturbed soil samples from sampling tubes of various diameters, with least disturbance depends upon the equipment used. Preparation of samples of required dimensions for a particular test without causing any disturbance is of great significance. Extruders of various types are detailed below.

Hydraulic Extruder

HS 16.05

Suitable to extract samples from compaction moulds and C.B.R. moulds. It consist of a frame, and a 50 kN hydraulic jack having plungers of 100 mm dia and 150 mm dia complete with thrust plates.

Hydraulic Extruder, Hand Operated

HS 16.06

Universal Extractor Frame, hand operated complete with hydraulic pump, direction control valve and hydraulic jack to extract sample of 60 cm length in single stoke. All the components are enclosed in an elegant looking cabinet. Unit is complete with :-

  • Thrust plates for 38, 50, 75, 100, 150mm diameter.
  • Adopters for 38, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm diameter.

Hydraulic Extruder (Motorised)

HS 16.07

This Hydraulic Extractor Frame is a motorised unit complete with, Hydraulic Jack with stroke of 600 mm and thrust force of 9000 kgf. It has a control valve for the control of direction of movement of the piston (Ram) and a relief valve to limit the load between 9000 kgf and 10000 kgf. Following adopter plates and adopters for different size of tubes are supplied with the unit..

Metric Size

Adopter plates for 38, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm tubes. Adopter for 38, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm tubes. Wired for 220 volts, 50 Hz supply.

Universal Extruder, Hand Operated

HS 16.10

For use with different sizes of sampling tubes and core cutters. It comprises of a frame, adopter plates and plungers and plungers adopter for 38mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm diameter specimens. A frame for extracting three 38mm dia samples from a 100mm dia sampling tube is also provided.

Soil Extruder, Rack Type

HS 16.15

Designed for extraction of soil samples from 38 mm dia thin wall sampling tubes on a horizontal position, rack and pinion device. Fitted with a wire trimmer and a split mould mounting bracket.

Soil Trimmer (Hand Operated)

HS 16.30

The trimmer is designed for preparing test specimens for triaxial shear testing of soil.
It consists of :-

  • Frame assembly with adjust able vertical guide.
  • Wire Saw.
  • Trimming knife.
  • Set of gripper plates for 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm dia specimens.

Soil Trimmer (Motorised)

HS 16.35

For preparation of undisturbed samples varying from 38 to 100 mm dia of different dimensions for triaxial tests.

The equipment is supplied along with 38, 50, 75 and 100mm dia specimen rings (1 no. of each ) and a hardened steel trimming knife. Suitable for 220V, 50 Hz, single Phase supply.


For remoulding disturbed soil samples to their field densities or to any other specified densities, constant volume moulds are required which may be of different sizes, so as to make soil specimens for different laboratory tests.

Cast and precision machined, these units comprise one mould, two end plugs, one split collar for attaining uniform compaction at both ends of the test specimen and one ejecting plunger for extrusion.

Constant Volume Mould 38 mm dia x 126 mm long

HS 16.40

Suitable for 38 mm dia x 76 mm long specimen, the mould is supplied complete with two 38 mm dia x 25 mm long plugs, split collar and 126 mm long ejecting plunger.

Constant volume Mould 50 mm dia x 180 mm long

HS 16.45

Suitable for a 50 mm dia x 100 mm long specimen, the mould is supplied with two 50 mm dia x 40 mm long end plugs, split collar and a 180 mm long ejecting plunger.

Constant Volume Mould 75 mm dia x 260 mm long

HS 16.50

Suitable for a 75 mm dia x 150 mm long specimen, the mould is supplied complete with two 75 mm dia x 55 mm long end plugs, split collar and a 260 mm long ejecting plunger.

Constant volume mould 100 mm x 350 mm long

HS 16.55

Suitable for 100 mm dia x 200 mm long specimen, the mould is supplied with two 100 mm dia x 75 mm long end plugs, split collar and a 350 mm long ejecting plunger.