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Ductility Testing Machine

Ductility Testing Machine


IS 1195

For determining the hardness number of mastic asphalt for flooring.

It consists of an internally insulated cabinet to the base of which is fitted a water bath having two taps. The bath is heated by an immersion heater and the temperature is controlled with a thermostat at 350+/- 0.50C. A 6.35 mm dia pin is loaded on the specimen by means of a lever to give 31.7 kg. Weight. A dial gauge 0.01 mm x 25 mm is provided to record the penetration of pin into the specimen.

Refrigerated ductility testing machine with processor based temprature and speed controller


Same as HB64.35 except that it has stepper motor for control of speed and refrigeration system for controlling and maintaining temperature at 27° +/- 0.2°.