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Drilling Machine

Core Drilling Machine

HR 72.08

Compact and mobile, ‘Core-drill’ machine drills through hard rock, concrete, bitumen, tiles, marbles etc. and takes out cores for the preparation of laboratory samples. Drive is through a powerful two speed motor. It can easily cut cores upto 100 mm dia. The total assembly move on a pillar to adjust the tip height of the bit. Pillar is fixed on to a base with two wheels for site shifting. For big cores the base has to be clamped to the ground with anchor bolts. Anchor bolts, drill bit for making 16 mm holes, drill chuck are provided as standard along with the machine. Geared motor moves on a slide and the slide can be rotated through 360o. Travel of the geared motor is approximately 500 mm and the cores of 400-450 mm can be easily taken out in single operation. H.P. of the Motor : 1100 Watts Operates on : 220 Volts A.C. supply. Note : Machine is supplied without bits and barells