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Cylindrical Moulds

IS : 516, IS : 10086-1982

Used to cast cylindrical cement concrete specimens for compressive strength tests. These moulds are made of cast iron. They can be easily split into two parts. The internal diameter is finished to ±0.2 mm tolerance and height within ±1 mm. Supplied complete with a base plate machined flat within ±0.02 mm tolerance.

Cylindrical Mould 100mm dia x 200mm high, Cast Iron

HC 42.80

Cylindrical Mould 150mm dia x 300mm high, Cast Iron

HC 42.85

Cylindrical Mould 300mm dia x 600mm high, Cast Iron

HC 42.90

Cylindrical Mould 450mm dia x 900mm high, Cast Iron

HC 42.93

Capping Set

The end faces of cylindrical cement concrete test pecimens must be plane, smooth and parallel so as to yield correct results during carrying out their compressive strength tests. Any imperfection remaining after casting the specimens, have to be removed by capping the specimens with cement or any other suitable capping compound. ‘HEICO’ offers two types of capping sets i.e. Horizontal and vertical for this purpose.

HC 42.95

Capping Set (Horizontal) IS:516-1959 For capping 100 mm dia x 200 mm high cylindrical specimens in the field or in the laboratory.

It consists of the following :-

i) A machined base fitted with two brackets, one fixed, and the other movable horizontally. Both the brackets carry specimen holders. Each holder has a notch at the top for pouring the molten capping compound.
ii) Cylinder carrier for carrying the 100 mm dia. cylindrical specimens.
iii) A stainless steel ladle for pouring the molten capping compound into the notches of the capper.

Capping Set (Horizontal)


HC 42.100

Same as HC42.95 but for capping 150 mm dia x 300 mm high cylindrical specimens in the field or in the laboratory.

Capping Set (Horizontal)


HC 42.102

Same as HC42.95 but for capping 300 mm dia x 600 mm high cylindrical specimens in the field or in the laboratory.

Capping Set (Vertical)


HC 42.105

For 100 mm dia x 200 mm high cylindrical specimens. For use in the field or in the laboratory. It consists of the following :-

  • A machined base with vertical guide for 100 mm dia x 200 mm high cylindrical specimen and a capping plate.
  • A cylinder carrier for 100 mm dia specimen.
  • A ladle for pouring the capping compound.

Capping Set (Vertical)

HC 42.110

Same as HC42.105 but for capping 150 mm dia x 300 mm high cylindrical specimens.

HC 42.115

Capping Compound Heater (Electrical) For melting the capping compound. It consist of an electrically heated bath with an energy regulator for controlling the temperature. Suitable for operation on 220 volts, 50 Hz, Single phase supply.

Vibrating Machine

IS : 10080-1982

HC 42.135

The machine is used for compaction of 70.6 mm cube specimens of cement mortar under standard vibration required for determination of compressive strength of cement. The vibration machine consists of a frame mounted on four coiled springs to carry a cube mould and an eccentric revolving shaft mounted in ball and roller bearings. The machine is so balanced that the eccentric imparts simple harmonic motion to mould carrier and the mould. The frequency of vibration is 12000 ±400 per minute. The drive from the motor to the eccentric shaft is through an endless
flat belt running on crowned pulleys.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply. Supplied complete with a time switch, one 7.06 cm I.S.I. marked cube mould (HC42.10.1) with hopper.

[NOTE : The machine can be supplied with NCCBM/Sriram Test House certification on request.

Vibrating Machine

IS : 10080-1982

HC 42.5135

Same as HC42.135 except that the machine is supplied with the digital timer

Vibrating Table

IS : 2514-1963

HC 42.140

The Vibrating Table is used for compaction of cement concrete cubes and cylinders by vibration. The load carrying capacity of the table is about 150 kg. The table is supported on rubber mounting springs and the housing of the eccentric is fitted below the table top.

The table is stops along all its sides to prevent the moulds from sliding away during vibrations. Table can accommodate four numbers of HEICO make 150 mm cube moulds.An operating switch is provided. Suitable for operation on 440 v, 50 Hz, 3 phase supply.

Vibrating Table

IS : 2514-1963

HC 42.142

The size of the table is 1000mm x 1000mm. It has a heavy duty vibrator with fixed amplitude and vibrations. Operates on 440 v 3 phase supply.

Jolting Apparatus

IS : 10078-1982

HC 42.145

Used for molding of three standard specimens of 40 mm x 40 mm x 160 mm size from Portland and Pozzolana cement mortar for determination of their transverse strengths. The equipment consists of the following: –

  • A motorised Jolting Machine, as per IS 10078 specifications, which gives 60 jolts per minute to the rectangular table through a reduction gear and cam drive. A pre-set type counter with a micro switch stops the machine automatically after 60 jolts. The rectangular table has guide pins for properly locating and clamping the moulds.
  • A three compartment mould for preparing three specimens of 40 mm x 40 mm x 160 mm size.
  • A three compartment hopper which can be mounted on the mould for pouring the mortar in to the mould.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Mixing Apparatus

IS : 10890-1984, IS: 1727-1967

HC 42.150

Used for preparation of plastic mortar of cement and pozzolanic materials for making different types of test specimens in the laboratory.

The apparatus comprises the following :-

  • A motor-driven mixer which simultaneously imparts two motions to the mixing paddle i.e. revolving and planetary, they being opposite to one another in direction as per IS. A two speed gear box is incorporated in the drive which makes the paddle revolve at approximately 140 and 285 r.p.m. with corresponding planetary motion of 62 and 125 r.p.m. respectively.
  • A stainless steel mixing paddle of the specified shape and dimensions which can be attached or removed easily.
  • A stainless steel mixing bowl of about 6 litre capacity.
  • This can be held with the mixing apparatus and its height is adjustable.
  • A scraper made from semi rigid rubber blade attached to a handle about 150 mm long. The blade is about 75 mm long and 50 mm wide. Suitable for operation on 220v, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Concrete Pan Mixer

Moulding specimens of Concrete is an important activity and good specimen can be achieved only if the cement paste covers the aggregate thoroughly and uniformly before pouring the concrete mix into standard moulds. The object of efficient mixing can be most satisfactorily achieved in HEICO Pan Mixers, which are available in 40, 60 & 100 liters.

These mixers have been designed and developed to mix both dry & wet materials. Manually controlled mixers are rotated by a turntable which is driven by an electric motor. The mixing pan is removable and can be tilted for easy emptying of the material. The mixing blades and paddle are made of special steel for fast and effective mixing operation and are long lasting to withstand wear & tear. Mounted on a sturdy but light Steel frame, they can be easily moved about on wheels.

  • Reliable and efficient mixing.
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Compact & Easy to move
HC42.160 Capacity 40ltr
HC42.162 Capacity 60ltr
HC42.165 Capacity 100ltr