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Core Drilling Machine For Pavement & Roads

Powered by 4.8H.P. diesel engine

HR 72.15M

The machine is light weight, versatile and easy to operate. It has a tubular frame mounted on two pneumatic tyres. A hook is provided in the front side of the frame to be towed behind a jeep and the tyres have been so placed that the total machine is balanced. One person can pull the machine without any strain.

Main gear box which gives a manual feed of 600 mm can be rotated in any direction that is 0-360o for a convenient angle of drilling. It is powered by 4.8 H.P. diesel engine, suitable for taking cores up to the
diameter of 150 mm and depth more than 4-5 meters with help of extension rods (extension rods and bits to be ordered separately)

Water swivel and a water pump is fixed on to the main machine. A clutch has been provided to engage or disengage water pump depending upon the type of drilling that is required wet or dry.

HR 72.17HF

Drill Machine with hydraulic feed. The unit has a power pack and hydraulic cylinder for uniformly giving the feed to the bit. Directional control valve along with a modular relief valve is provided for convenience of operation. This serves both in terms of man power and time. The unit is powered by 7.5 HP diesel engines.