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Vicat Apparatus, With Dashpot

IS : 5513-1976

HC 37.10

For determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final setting times of cement. The equipment comprises the following :-

  • A frame with a vertically movable rod having a cap at the top.
  • Vicat mould in the form of frustum of a cone with internal diameter of 60 mm at the top, 70mm at the bottom and a height of 40 mm.
  • Glass base plate for the mould.
  • Initial Setting Time Needle.
  • Final Setting Time Needle.
  • Consistency plunger.

Vicat Apparatus (Modified)

IS : 2542(Pt.1) ASTM C-187, C-191, C-472 & C-110

HC 37.15

For determination of normal consistency of hydraulic cement, gypsum plaster and lime and setting time of cement, gypsum plaster and gypsum concrete.

The Apparatus consists of the following :-

  • A frame with a vertically moving bearing rod.
  • Mould in the form of frustum of a cone 70 mm bottom dia, 60 mm top dia and 40 m high with base plate.
  • Needle 1 mm dia x 50 mm long.
  • lunger 10 mm dia x 50 mm long.
  • Plunger 19 mm dia x 44.4 mm long.
  • Plunger 12.5 mm dia x 25 mm long.
  • One brass weight.

Automatic Vicat Apparatus

HC 37.10E

  • Suitable for determination of consistency and setting time of standard cement paste, hydraulic cement & Gypsum plaster conforming to IS, EN, ASTM, BS Standards
  • Fully Automatic test cycle
  • Electronic sensor to record the data
  • Storing of test results, settings and data
  • Large graphic display to follow the test in real time
  • RS 232 output for connection to PC and printer
  • Facility to program test cycles as test start delay, dropping rate auto-mode, free or driven drop
  • Suitable for operation on 230 V AC, 50Hz , Single phase

Gillmore Apparatus

ASTM C-266

HC 37.20

For determination of setting time of hydraulic cement.

The apparatus comprises the following :-

  • One base with a central vertical rod having two horizontal cross-arms. The lower cross arm is adjustable in height.
  • Initial Needle 2.12 .mm dia, 113.4 g weight.
  • Final Needle 1.06 mm dia, 453.6 g weight.
  • One glass plate.

Southard Viscosimeter

IS : 712-1984

HC 37.25

For determination of volume yield of quick lime and adjusting the consistency of lime putty mixture.

The equipment consists of the following :-

  • One 50 mm internal dia metal cylinder mounted on wooden stand and having a close fitting piston with 65 mm working stroke.
  • A metal bridge for measuring slump.
  • One lime putty density vessel 63 mm I.D. and 80 mm deep.

Flow Table (Hand Operated)

IS: 712-1984

HC 37.30

Used for determining the workability of building lime.

It comprises :

  • One 300 mm dia polished steel table with three engraved circles of 70 mm, 110 mm and 190 mm dia at the top face.
  • A frame having a horizontal shaft carrying a cam on one side and a wheel on the other, adjusted to raise the table by 12.5 mm and allow it to fall freely.
  • Truncated conical mould 65 mm inside dia at the bottom, 40 mm inside dia at top and 90 mm high.

Flow Table (Motorised)


HC 37.35

Same as HC37.30 but provided with a motor drive for operation of the cam at about 60 r.p.m. to give approximately one drop per second to the table top.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz,Single phase supply.

Flow Table (Hand Operated)


HC 37.40

Used for making flow tests for consistency of mortars in tests of hydraulic cements and pozzolanic materials.

It comprises the following :-

  • A machined table top 250 mm dia of Gun metal fitted with a vertical shaft. Total weight 4.00 ± 0.05 kg.
  • A cast iron frame with a machined base and a smooth vertical hole at the top for the table shaft. It has a horizontal shaft carrying a cam at one end and a hand wheel at the other. The cam allows 12 mm free drop of the table.
  • A conical mould 100 mm inside dia at bottom, 70 mm inside dia at top and 50 mm high.

Flow Table (Motorised)

HC 37.45

Similar to HC37.40 but with the difference that the cam shaft is driven by a motor drive at approximately 100 R.P.M.

Suitable for operation on 220/230 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.

Flow Table (Hand Operated)

IS : 1199-1959

HC 37.50

Used for determination of fluidity of cement concrete mixture where the nominal size of aggregate does not exceed 38 mm.

It consist of the following ;-

  • A brass table top 762 mm dia, finely machined at the top and having reinforcing ribs at the bottom. A vertical shaft is fitted to the underside of the table
    in the centre.
  • A steel frame with machined base and a polished smooth vertical hole for the table shaft. A horizontal shaft carries a cam at one end and a hand wheel at the other. The cam is adjusted to give a free drop of 12.5 mm to the table top.
  • A conical mould in the form of frustum of a cone 250 mm inside dia at base, 170 mm inside dia at top and 120 mm high. It is provided with two lifting

Flow Table (Motorised)

HC 37.55

Similar to HC37.50 but provided with a motor drive for the cam shaft to drive it at approx 60 r.p.m.

Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase supply.