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Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus

HF 58.60

IS : 1448 (P:10), IP:15/60, ASTM D-29

For determining the cloud point of an oil provided it is transparent in layer 40 mm in thickness and for the pour point of any petroleum oil.

It consists of a cylindrical glass jar fitted with a cork, a water tight cylindrical jacket with a disc of cork or felt at the bottom, a ring around the glass jar and a bath with cover.

Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus Thermometers

HF 58.65

These thermometers are used in cloud and pour point tests.

Cat.No.               Type                              Range
HF58.65.1           IP 1 C -38°C    to         + 50°C.
HF58.65.2           IP 2 C -80°C    to         + 20°C