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Calibration Equipment

Our range of Calibration Equipment are as below

Calibration Jig for Pressure Transducer (Dead Weight Type)

Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Testers are used for calibrating and standardizing pressure gauges and pressure transducers upto a pressure of 1000 bar (kg/sq.cm) HEICO Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Testers are so designed and manufactured that extremely small variations and very small pressures can be measured with great accuracy i.e. upto ± 0.1% or better. The standardizing pressure is developed by loading with standardized weights a vertically arranged ram which works in a cylinder filled with oil.. This cylinder is connected to an oil reservoir through an isolating valve. A priming pump, a pressure pump, pressure gauge adaptors etc. are also connected to the cylinder. A set of standardized weights, for the testing range of the tester, is supplied with each instrument. A set of adaptors for different sizes of pressure gauge threads is also provided along with a set of spanners, a needle puller and a screw driver.

Dead Weight Pressure Gauges Testers are offered in four models.

Cat. No.                  Range (bar)
HL80.                     10 0.5 – 50
HL80.35                 5.0 – 750

Lever Type

This is very sensitive and useful for calibration of load measuring instruments like proving ring/ load cells up to maximum capacity of 2000 kg. It is Multiple Lever Loading Device, designed on a standard lever ratio, loads being given through standard dead weights. A worm gear attachment, operated through a lead screw, always keeps the loading beam in a
horizontal position. It has an accuracy better than ±0.1% Calibration jigs are available in three different capacities.

Cat. No.               Capacity
HS30.20                0-500kgf x 10 kgf.
HS30.30                0-1000kgf x10 kgf
HS30.40                0-2000kgf x10 kgf

Hydraulic Type

It is very simple in design and work on similar principle as that of a hydraulic press. It is a dead weight type calibration system consisting of friction free, gland less hydraulic ram, pressurised through very accurate weight system. The overall accuracy of the unit is ±0.3%. Models are available from 20kN to 2000kN.

Cat. No.               Capacity
HS30.                     55 5-50kN
HS30.60                0-500 kN
HS30.65                0-1000 kN

Calibration Jig for L.V.D.T./Dial Gauge

HS 29.545.1

The equipment consists of two brackets, one for fixing the L.V.D.T/ Dial Gauge required to be calibrated and the other movable one, fitted with a micrometer screw gauge of required range, both fitted on a sturdy base. The least count of screw gauge is 0.001mm with range varying from 0 to 100mm as per actual requirement.