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Brazilian Test Apparatus

Brazilian Test Apparatus

HR 72.395

Brazilian Test is a test for indirect measurement of tensile strength of rocks. The apparatus for carrying out this test, meets the essential requirements of IS:10082-1982 for use with ‘NX’ size core samples.

The equipment comprises the following :-

  • A loading frame, 100kN Capacity, having a base and a cross head joined together with two solid pillars with nuts. At the top, the pillars have long threads for height adjustment. On the base, a 100kN hydraulic jack is centrally fixed between the pillars. This jack has an integral pumping unit and oil reservoir. A 100kN capacity pressure gauge is fixed to the jack for indicating the load on the specimen. An operating handle for the jack is also provided.
  • One Brazilian Attachment for ‘NX’ core size specimen with thickness half the diameter. It has two loading jaws. The lower jaw has two guide pins fixed with it and the upper jaw has two guide holes for the guide rods to hold the two jaws aligned. The upper jaw has a spherical seating on the upper side to seat a ball for self-alignment. Supplied complete with the steel ball.

Brazilian Test Apparatus

HR 72.396

Same as HR72.395 but having a loading capacity of 200 kN.

Note : Brazilian Test Attachment for other sizes of rock core specimens available on request.