Why Is a Compression Testing Machine Beneficial?

Compression testing machine

The estimation of the resistance of any type of material is done through a special tool called the compression testing machine. Many hi-tech companies have designed various types of compression testers that may help to carry on with compression tests on various units. 

How to perform the tests?

The sample is placed on the base (compress meter) of the tool.

Then the compression plate is moved to touch the provided sample by the compression specifications.

Then, the displacement (of the plate) is measured using a linear coder according to the precision and force in respect to a load cell.

The tool may be used for real-time testing as well as pre-set testing modes.

Uses of the tool

The tool is used to test the compression forces of materials like plastic, ceramic, corrugated cardboard, etc. The testing is also specifically done during the packing of the material. The compressing forces of the material at the time of distribution are the reason for going with testing.

Two important outcomes of such testing are:

To cope with the international pre-defined standards: There is always a need to satisfy certain pre-determined standards (by some trusted organizations). The defined testing protocols need to be fulfilled. Special conditions and protocols need to be satisfied to obtain the licence and survive the competitive world. Also, the seal from the respective organizations helps to build customer trust.

Opposition to compression is tested: The process of testified compression forces makes it easy to consider the value of compression at which the system failure may occur. For fragile products, the limits are till it breaks. If the ductility of the product is high, then the resulting deformation percentage is based on the size and dimensions of the same.

Organizations like ISI, ISO, ISTA, etc., mention a compulsory compression test in their protocols of certification. 

Advantages of the compression testing tool

The companies can finalize the details and designs of the package by repeating the tests for the validation of samples. The companies can easily access the information about the interaction of their packaging and the forces of compression applied in the cycle of distribution. The compression testing tool helps to maximize the activity of packing and cutting costs. The companies are coming with improvisation in the compression testing tools to match up the tool’s working with the requirements of various client companies. 

  • Lower costs in accordance with shrinkage.
  • Safer and efficient economic balancing of materials.
  • Maintenance of eco-friendly tests of packing material.

Compression testing is an advanced process of attaining the best and safest packaging concerned with the different goods transported. The test determines the behavioural and responsive tendencies of the material with respect to compress meter and compression parameters. Normally, it is essential to make the right choice of compression testing tool for the appropriate material. This one is the most basic and important tool to have efficient protective packaging. The compression testing machine supports companies by assisting them to achieve the optimal level of packing quality.

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