What is Compression Testing, and Why Do You Need it?

ctm machine

Unique equipment called a compression testing machine is used to estimate the resistance of any sort of material. Many high-tech firms have created a variety of compression testers that may be used to conduct compression testing on a variety of devices.

How should the testing be carried out?

  • The sample is put on the CTM machine base (compress metre).
  • The compression plate is then transferred to the given sample in accordance with the compression criteria.
  • The displacement (of the plate) is then measured using a linear coder in relation to a load cell, according to accuracy and force.
  • The tool may be used for both real-time and pre-set testing modes.

The tool’s applications

The device is used to measure the compression forces of materials such as plastic, porcelain, and corrugated cardboard, among others. The testing is also carried out when the item is being packed. The reason for testing is the compressing forces of the material at the time of distribution.

What are the consequences of CTM testing?

The following are two key consequences of such testing with a cube testing machine:

To meet pre-determined international standards

There is always a requirement to meet pre-determined international standards (by some trusted organizations). The established testing methods must be followed. To receive the licence and thrive in the competitive environment, special standards and norms must be met. Furthermore, the seals of the separate organizations aid in the development of client confidence.

Tested resistance to compression

The procedure of verified compression forces makes it simple to determine the value of compression at which the system may fail. The restrictions for delicate items are till they break. If the product’s ductility is high, the percentage of deformation that results is determined by the product’s size and dimensions.

In their certification standards, organisations such as ISI, ISO, ISTA, and others mention a mandatory compression test.

Benefits of Using a Compression Testing Tool

By repeating the tests for sample validation, organizations may finish the specifics and designs of the product. Companies may quickly acquire information regarding the interaction of their packaging with the compression forces used during the distribution cycle. The compression testing tool aids in maximizing packing activity while lowering expenses. Firms are improvising compression testing tools in order to fit the tool’s functionality with the needs of varied client companies.

  • Reduced expenses as a result of shrinking.
  • Material balancing that is both safer and more cost-effective.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging material testing is kept up to date.

Compression testing is a sophisticated method of achieving the finest and safest packing for various commodities being transported. The material’s behavioural and response tendencies in relation to the compress metre and compression settings are determined by this test. In most cases, selecting the suitable compression testing equipment for the material is critical. This is the most fundamental and crucial instrument for effective protective packing. The compression testing equipment aids businesses in achieving the highest degree of packaging quality possible.

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