What equipment is needed to perform a concrete compression test?


The concrete compression test can be described as the simplest procedure which reveals a lot about the taken sample of the whole concrete and its quality. The equipment needed to perform a concrete compression test can also help in telling about the overall strength of the concrete which it will provide to the final structure along with the adequacy of its curing. It will also help in ensuring that the concrete will be able to meet the strength specifications of the job and all the quality measures which have been issued by the ASTM.

On a general basis, two guidelines have to be followed at the time of performing a concrete compression test, and they are mentioned as follows:

  • The specified strength of the consecutive tests on average basis should be equal to or greater than the strength which has been specified for the job.
  • None of these kinds of strength test should fall below the specified strength by more than 500 psi.

The concrete compression test should also be performed according to the following steps, which are in proper guidance with the ASTM C-39 procedures. 

  • All the cylinders should be moist at the time of performing the test. After removing them from the moist room, one has to measure all the diameters of each of the cylinder and record their weights.
  • The people also have to ensure that the test machine is clear from the debris and is set to 0 values.
  • The sulphur motor pad caps are also to be added to the ends of the cylinders and to find the most accurate results this process should be done a day before the testing.
  • The specimen into the testing machine has to be placed, and a load has to be uploaded continuously without any kind of shock.
  • After this, the cylinder has to be removed from the machine, and all the caps have to be taken off. Then the calculation of the strength of the cylinder has to be done.

Concrete testing equipment also needs to undertake the capacities of pressure so that the strength of the whole concrete can be determined accurately. The concrete lab testing equipment should be done with certified material testing products and also be properly equipped with the digital controllers that display load, stress, load rate and the final load during the whole process. It is also very important to employ the compressor metres so that data can be collected efficiently. 

The digital meters will help in measuring the average deformation and the strain which the concrete cylinders undergo in the whole process of compression testing. It is always useful to use the concrete lab testing equipment along with various other associated accessories so that testing can be conducted smoothly. The concrete test cylinder wraps should also be included in this process so that cylinders are protected when they are transferred to the compression machine. There are several companies which provide these kinds of equipment So that one gets the most accurate results and minimized slip ups.

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