Uses and Features of Cement Testing Equipment

Cement is one of the most used building materials in the infrastructural sector. This is mixed with other additives and aggregates in the predetermined proportion in order to prepare slabs and moulds for buildings. But before using cement for mixing or moulding purposes, it is essential to test it on various parameters. For this, various cement testing equipment is used. This equipment includes sturdy hydraulic power packs, compression testing machines, and some other equipment like this to test its consistency, soundness, thickness, flexural strength, etc. There are a lot of features of cement testing equipment, and we will discuss some of the major ones here in this post. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Equipment like accelerated curing tank is used to accelerate the rate of reaction of cement or the speed of setting of the cement so that its strength can be checked or assessed. For example, the real strength of cement can be assessed only after 1 month, but if we wait for one month, it will be too late to take corrective actions. But with the help of the equipment mentioned above, the waiting time of almost 30 days can be converted into some hours, thus saving a lot of time.
  • Cement testing equipment can also be used to test the fineness of the cement particles. It is crucial to test the fineness because the finer the cement is, the better it will set. For this purpose, equipment like blain air permeability apparatus is used. 
  • The soundness of set cement is tested to check if it appreciably expands or not. This is because if it expands, then it may disrupt the concrete or mortar and may cause strength issues in the future. Thus, this property of the cement is tested with the help of equipment such as cement autoclave. 
  • There is some equipment available to test the flow of the Portland cement concrete, such as the flow table motorized. These are used by almost all the builders in their testing laboratories. 
  • It is also important to test the tensile strength of the material, and for that, the tensile testing machines are used. These machines come in manually operated models as well as motorized models. Nowadays, motorized are becoming much more popular because of their capacity and convenience. 
  • The fineness of the fly ash also needs to be tested at the construction site, and this is done with the help of devices such as wet sieving apparatus. This is also a must-have at the construction sites nowadays. 
  • Some equipment is also available to test the masonry cement and for the testing of hydrated lime and quicklime. This is done with the help of equipment such as the water retention test apparatus. It usually consists of an aspirator pump, a rubber gasket, brass funnel, vacuum gauge, filter pipe with some other things. 

These were some of the cement testing equipment and their features, which makes them extremely important for a builder company to have them. Moreover, this is about the safety of the people who are going to use the building for any purpose; thus, it becomes of utmost importance to test the cement for various variables. This increases the importance of the cement testing machine manufacturers even more.

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