Types and Benefits of Fatigue Testing

fatigue testing machine

It is very much important for the engineers or technicians to measure the efficiency of the equipment and machines. It is crucial to know about the durability of the parts and the components working under different operating conditions. So here, fatigue testing will help you out. Fatigue testing helps in determining the part’s ability to stand against the cyclic fatigue loading conditions. In fatigue testing applications, a material is selected to meet the cyclic loads. Cyclic fatigue tests are repeated in loading and unloading in tension, compression, bending, torsion, or a combination of different stresses.

This test usually helps in knowing the lifespan of material from cyclic loading. Basically, fatigue is the total number of cycles born by the material in a single loading scheme. It will help you know the maximum limit of the sample or specimen for a specified number of cycles. While performing this test, the sample is loaded in the fatigue testing equipment and is loaded with the pre-loaded determining stress, and then is unloaded to zero loads or opposite load. The fatigue is observed when the sample or the specimen cracks or directly breaks out. So overall, it is done to measure the structural durability to analyse its capability to withstand the cyclic loading conditions.

Types of fatigue testing

There are many fatigue testing methods, and some of them are listed below:

  • Tension-compression fatigue test
  • High cycle fatigue test
  • Low cycle fatigue test
  • Gigacycle fatigue test
  • Plane bending fatigue testing machine
  • Fatigue cracking propagation testing machine
  • Torsional fatigue testing machine
  • Part fatigue testing machine
  • Structural member fatigue testing machine

These all tests are efficient in their own terms and help in measuring the durability of the material against the cyclic loading conditions.

Also, some of the benefits of fatigue testing are:

  • Define the maintenance requirements- The fatigue testing machine will help in knowing the maintenance and repair requirements which helps in the safe operating life of the machines. This helps save costs on the machines and helps the owner pay attention to the safety-related problems.
  • Helps in knowing the main cause- With the help of fatigue testing, the main reasons behind machine damage caused by fatigue can be known. The material can be influenced by various factors like temperature, loading field cycle pattern; environmental factors may be oxidation or corrosion etc.
  • Relevant test data- It helps in providing the relevant data to the clients who design and develop the updated machines. Some of the industries that regularly require fatigue testing machines are automotive, aerospace, medical, apparel, construction, and many more.

So above are some benefits of fatigue testing machines. You can get fatigue testing machines from ‘Heicoin’ as we provide high-capacity machines up to 400kgcm bending moment on request. Our machines come with the machine bed. Also, they come with features as an electrical control panel with starter indication lamp, counter, main switch, multi-pin socket, and much more.

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