Testing the Consistency of the Foundation

When we hear the word construction, the things that come to our mind are engineering, technology, machinery, etc. The processes associated with construction are usually the ones that demand the involvement of high-end machinery. The branch of engineering finds maximum use in the construction department. The construction department is responsible for building making, making structural foundation for office buildings, schools, universities, etc. The process of construction is complex and requires machines of superior quality. The machines used in the construction process ranging from the equipment for soil testing to that of rock testing and many more. A major component used in the construction is cement. The superior quality of cement testing equipment is needed to assess the quality of the cement. There are few companies dedicated to supplying the best quality material for cement testing instrument.

Facts about Cement

A type of powder that forms a hard mixture with water due to the chemical reaction called hydration. As the mixture hardens, it gains strength and binds the bricks used in the construction firmly. There are various types of cement used in the construction and high-end cement testing machines. They examine the type of cement to be used in a particular type of building construction. It is important to choose the right quality of cement during construction as it helps to build the foundation strong.

Some Common Cement Testing Equipment:

  • Some specially designed aluminium mould frames are used to test the overall compressive strength of the cement. It is carried out by pouring the cement into the carved moulds. There is a polypropylene lining inside the moulds that helps in testing the compression of the cement non-specifically.
  • Cement Autoclave is that apparatus that is specifically used to determine the expanding nature of the cement. This expansion is necessary to provide durability to the structure made with the particular type of cement.
  • A specially designed apparatus for measuring the cement consistency is called the standard Vicat apparatus. It is made up of a steel plunger that measures the consistency of the cement. There may be conditions when the cement hardens and becomes stiff in a short duration of time. Such type of cement may pose a serious problem during building construction. There is thus a requirement of the cement type that has enormous flexibility to the building material.
  • The penetrometers are the specially designed apparatus that determines the time required for the cement to set completely. Among the penetrometers, the Acme penetrometers are used to measure the start time. It also determines the end time of the cement setting. This gives an accurate measurement to determine the type of cement used in a particular type of construction.
  • Another special instrument is used to determine the net flow of the cement in a carved mortar. This instrument is called the flow table. It determines the flowing consistency by allowing the cement to flow into the mortar. It then determines the inner diameter of the mortar. This will determine the use of cement in the buildings in such a way that it will provide the optimum strength to the building.

Conclusion- The cement testing resource guide of some dedicated companies gives access to various cement testing equipment, and choosing the machines with superior quality is desirable.

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