Importance of Soil testing for Agriculture

Different crops have their nutritional requirements to grow. They require a specific type of soil, and their fertiliser needs depend on the type of soil and environment. The use of fertilisers without knowing the type of soil and its needs results in an imbalance in the quality of soil, which eventually affects the crop, contaminates the water and affects the environment. So, it becomes important to know about the health of your farm soil and its pH level. To know about the health of the soil and its pH level, soil testing machine is used.

The fundamental necessity for having good crops and yield in agriculture is soil testing. This article is an attempt to explain what soil pH is and why it is important to get your farm soil tested.

What is Soil pH?

In soil testing, soil’s pH level is measured. In this, acidity and alkalinity of soil are measured on the basis of a scale ranging from 0 to 14. The zero levels on the scale indicate that the soil has strong acidity, and the fourteen indicates that the soil is extremely alkaline. The ideal pH level of the farm soil should range between 6 to 7.5. Any imbalance in the pH level can directly affect the nutrients of the soil.

Importance of farm soil testing

  • Indicates the health of the soil and ways how to improve it – In order to know the chemical properties of the soil, soil testing equipment for agriculture are used. The equipment test the nutrient level of soil and its pH level. With this, the farmers will get to know the health of their farm soil, and they can use fertilizers according to the type and the needs of the soil.
  • Minimizes the expenditure on fertilizer- With soil testing, the farmers get to know the exact needs of their farm soil and crops, so they don’t need to waste their money on unnecessary fertilizers. So, soil testing helps in reducing the wastage of farm inputs.
  • Avoids degradation of soil- Use of unnecessary fertilizers can lead to degradation of fertile soil. Improper soil management results in degradation. With soil testing, the farmers will use the exact amount of fertilizers that their soil needs, which helps in preventing the degradation of soil.
  • Increases productivity- When the farmer knows about his farm soil, he will manage it accordingly, which will result in increased fertility, healthy crops and more production. The farmer will be able to contribute to the food needs of the growing world population. So soil testing helps in increasing productivity.

These are the points that every farmer should know about the importance of soil testing. Apart from the above written, there are many benefits too that farmers must consider. The soil testing equipments play a crucial role in determining the nutrients and pH level of the soil. It is further helpful in the production of healthy crops. So, farmers must go for soil testing as it can increase their productivity and save wasteful expenditure.

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