Get Strong Foundation With Soil Testing Equipment.

soil testing machine

The foundation of any building depends on the starting material. We all know that the foundation ground on Earth is the soil. It is one of the integral features on Earth that influences the strength of construction. 

Some History is an Agony

While nobody knows about the history, but the leaning Pisa tower might not be an architectural wonder but a failure. A poor soil foundation might be the reason behind this havoc. However, there is no clear picture about the same. However, you have a clear picture in your mind about the strength of your construction. People are nowadays dwelling and working in multistorey buildings. The soil needs to bear all the load, and so it is necessary to test the soil before any construction work. Soil testing is one of the most neglected areas all around, as most people try to practice their hands-on only construction. While most people are busy designing the interiors and exteriors of a building, nobody cares underneath. Moreover, the lack of awareness and facilities in many parts of the country makes it tough to execute soil testing before the construction begins.

What is Soil Testing?

As the name suggests, soil testing refers to the detailed analysis and scrutiny of the soil particles at a specific site. The intended construction site gets its official confirmation from the government or the builder, after which the soil testing takes place. The company responsible for the purpose takes the help of appropriate tools and equipment to test the soil at the site. It is only after getting a clean chit from the result; the construction work can proceed.

How Does Soil Testing Save Cost of Laying Foundation?

Pre-Notion of the Building Strength

As the soil testing analyses each soil particle for its strength and credibility, it will help to give a clear picture of the building. It imparts a blueprint about the foundation status of the building and detects the presence of defects.

Accurate Dimensions

Pillars are an integral part of the construction procedure. The soil testing equipment depicts the precise depth of the pillars in a building that help the construction workers to work on accurate pillar dimensions. The building will get enormous strength due to the pillars.

Highlighting the Water Presence

Soil testing at a construction site may also give information about the water. The soil testing equipment can detect and measure the groundwater table. It will help in assessing the presence of the right amount of groundwater. 

Mineral Composition

The number of minerals and humidity can go a long way in determining the quality of the soil. It can give an idea about the amount of load that a particular soil type can hold. Based on such information, the builder can choose the right quantity and quality of the raw materials.

Choosing Cement Type

The soil quality also determines the cement type during construction. The cement forms the building base and gives rise to a preliminary structure. Few soil types are sulfur sensitive. In this case, you need to opt for sulfur-resistant cement that can withstand the effects of sulfur content and protect the building.

The best way to get a strong building is to get the contact of some reputed soil testing laboratories and opt for soil testing. It will help maintain the integrity of your building.


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