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Universal Testing Machine

Fully Automatic and Advanced Universal Testing Machine

The world of engineering and material science has changed significantly over the years. Every product designed and manufactured now needs to be checked by a Universal Testing Machine to ensure it is of the highest standards. 


As a result, there is an increased need for material testing and there are several tools designed for this purpose. 


Also, the need to maintain a specific pace in production calls for quick testing of products, which is why most companies today use a fully Automatic Universal Testing Machine.


Here are a few specific things you need to know about these machines, if you intend to buy and use them for your production unit as well.


About Fully Automatic Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

The UTM Machines, commonly referred to as UTMs, play a significant role in business production today. The advanced design and functionality of these machines have transformed the traditional UTMs into more sophisticated and fully automatic systems.


These machines provide accurate test results and are highly efficient and reliable. Usually used extensively in materials testing labs, the main objective of these devices is to check the mechanical properties of any material with absolute precision.


Some of the tests that are conducted by these machines are:


  • Compressive strength


  • Tensile strength


  • Flexural strength


  • Shear strength and others


These machines are very versatile and can conduct a wide range of tests. They also allow switching between different types of tests with minimal changes required in the setup. 


With such significant advantages offered, a lot of industries today use these machines to ensure the safety and quality of the products manufactured by them. It includes the automotive and aerospace industries among others. 


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The Evolution


From traditional UTM to Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine of today, the evolution of these machines has been remarkable. The most significant change is in its operation. Initially, these machines were operated manually but today they are fully automated.


These automatic machines offer loads of benefits apart from convenience in operation and accuracy in test results.


Some of the most notable developments of these machines during its evolution period are:


  • Full Automation: Whether it is for applying necessary forces or collecting data, these automated machines eliminate the requirements for extensive human interference in their operation. This enhances precision and reduces the chances of repetition of processes due to errors. 


  • Digital Control: The automated machines come with intuitive interfaces that are digitally controlled. This makes it easy for any operator to set and alter different parameters for testing quickly. It also helps in monitoring every test in real-time. All these increase the accuracy and efficacy of the tests.


  • Better Software Integration: The modern Universal Testing Machine Manufacturers integrate better software into their systems. This makes these systems more sophisticated and proficient, and the whole process much more streamlined. These machines can now handle different types of material tests irrespective of the complexities involved in the data analysis. The better software not only simplifies the setup process of the tests but also makes the collection of data and report generation much easier.


  • Safety Features: The advanced safety features integrated into the modern, fully automatic UTMs not only protect the machine from damage but also the operator from any mishaps. Some of the notable safety features included in the modern UTMs are overload protection, emergency stop, and foolproof mechanisms.


Capabilities and Features 


Bought from reliable and reputed Universal Testing Machine Suppliers, the fully automated and advanced machines today come with a lot of helpful and unique features that enhance their capabilities. 


These features make them much more useful and efficient, setting them apart from the traditional UTMs, as explained below.


Load control: 


The precision of the load control feature in the advanced UTMs ensures that the exact load is applied to the test specimen. Whether the specific pressure or load is applied in a controlled manner or at a persistent rate, data collection is always accurate.


Data acquisition: 


The data acquisition ability of these automatic machines is further enhanced with the inclusion of more effective and sophisticated sensors in the design and construction. This has improved the functionality of the entire data acquisition system. 


It can now monitor and measure a diverse range of test parameters continuously, such as load, force, time, deformation, extension, and others. All these help in offering more detailed and precise insights to analyze the behavior of materials even better.


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The modern UTMs allow customizing the test profiles as and when required according to the material and situation. These changes in the test profiles need not be made every time. The operator can save them in the system itself making it easier to use them as and when required. 


It also eliminates the chances of variation in any customized tests that need to be performed, thereby allowing conducting the tests just as desired with absolute precision.


This specific feature offers much more flexibility to the testing machines which is crucial for the development and research of the product.


NDT or Non-Destructive Testing: 


You will find a few specific types of advanced and automatic universal testing machines that come with the ability to execute Non-Destructive Testing. 


Typically, NDT helps in assessing the different mechanical properties of the material but does not cause any permanent damage to the test specimen.


Data visualization: 


Data visualization is now made easy due to the integrated software of the advanced and automatic UTMs. 


Different data displayed in different charts and graphs can be viewed and collected in real time. This, eventually, makes it easier for the operator to monitor the tests ongoing and even analyze them when required.


Remote access:


One of the best features of some of the modern and automatic UTMs is that you can access and control them remotely. This means that engineers and researchers can monitor everything even if they are away and at different locations.




In conclusion, a modern and fully automatic Universal Testing Machine has all the features to be suitable for different applications and settings and offers accurate results for materials testing and product research and development.