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Features And Advantages Of Universal Testing Machine

The universal testing machine is exceptionally normalized and famous and is referred to by many names, for example, universal analyzer, material testing machine, ductile or pressure analyzer, and malleable test outline. As the name recommends, the word universal mirrors the machine’s ability to perform more than one sort of test. It can direct elastic test, pressure test, strip test, top burden test, and so on various parts. All in all, it is a flexible universal testing machine.

Must-have features and parts

  • Load cell, a power estimation transducer should be prepared in the machine which is utilized to gauge the heap oppressed on the example and assess the strength and nature of the material.
  • The load outline, the principal edge of the universal testing machine contains serious areas of strength for two.
  • The arrangement of the crosshead should be furnished to move the machine with a controlled speed in a vertical and descending course.
  • To quantify the reaction of specific regions of the test, extensometers should be utilized in the universal testing machine.
  • The yield gadget is the most pivotal piece of the universal testing machine which is given to show the experimental outcomes. Various sorts of result gadgets can be utilized, for example, advanced board or easy-to-understand HMI control board with PC interface.
  • Many test application requires controlled test conditions like strain, stickiness, temperature, and so on. The universal testing machine should be intended to effectively work in different controlled conditions inside the lab.
  • Test apparatuses and related example holding tools ought to be given which are utilized to cinch the examples solidly to play out the test effectively, for example, bad habit type grasps, flexural holds, pressure plates, handle installations, and some more.


Heicoin brings an exceptionally progressed universal testing machine to your salvage!

It is an exceptionally proficient and precise instrument that is utilized to test the breakage, ductile, and pressure strength of different materials, parts, and completed items. It chips away at the standard of the steady pace of augmentation (CRE). It agrees to worldwide test principles.

Key Features:

  • High-level burden sensor prepared for uniform utilization of power.
  • Twin collar rigid design appropriate for an extensive variety of tests.
  • Wellbeing limit changes offer full security to both client and the universal testing machine.
  • Crosshead travel speed of 50 mm to 500 mm.
  • Solidified lead screws/ball screws for frictionless development.
  • Auto report age toward the finish of the test with client programmable programming.
  • USB viable with high-velocity information move
  • Online trial status can be seen graphically or in crude information structure.
  • Test control wizard to set test boundaries like strain, pressure, and variable units in Kgs/N/lbs or cm/mm/inch.

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The benefit of UTM Machine

The principal benefit of putting resources into a universal testing machine is that the gadget can test the strength, sturdiness, and reasonableness for generally any material. A universal testing machine has the capacity to pull, pack, curve, or stretch material to its limit. Basically utilized by labs to produce or potentially shape various kinds of plastics.

A universal testing machine features a couple of vertical sections mounted on a base. A subsequent flat plate contains connections that are utilized to hold the example and slides all over during stress testing tests. Double upward section machines are liked by most research centers as they can deal with bigger examples concerning size and weight.

Deciding rigidity is the most widely recognized test acted in a universal testing machine. This is finished by holding one finish of an example set up while the other is pulled away until different sides are destroyed. A similar cycle is utilized for testing flexural strength, then again, actually, the machine pushes on the finish of the example as opposed to pulling on it. A few materials are adaptable enough not to break, giving no eventual outcomes.

Universal testing machines are likewise fit for shear and pressure testing. In a shear test, a metal edge is brought into the material at a consistent rate until a piece of the example is sheared off. In a pressure test, an example is pushed down between the machine’s plates until it loses structure or breaks. This test is regularly used to gauge plastic froth strength or decide exactly the way that effectively plastic containers lose their shape. Current models of universal testing machines feature computerized controls and programming that kill the requirement for a particular recorder, which was first used to log test data intended to be perused and deciphered by a trained professional