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Compression Testing Machines

Decoding Compression Testing Equipment and Its Uses

A compression tester press is a machine that produces pressure within a cylinder. During the process, it compresses a sample of material until an increase in the load strength of the material is attained. A number of these machines are available commercially. Their performance varies depending on the used testing method.

One of the features that is always present in any tool is its capacity to test, especially in the field of mechanical construction. Mechanical equipment is used for many purposes and is very popular in industrial and manufacturing areas, but also in many other sectors such as domestic, recreational, and sports.

Compression testing equipment is the procedure that is used to gauge the performance and integrity of reinforced concrete, especially reinforcement steel. This procedure is extensively used in designing buildings and bridges.

Heicoin specializes in manufacturing all types of testing equipment, such as steel bar testers and concrete testing machines. Our products are widely used in various industries like construction, transportation, infrastructure, and more.

In general, impact testing is considered to be more reliable and accurate than compression testing. Therefore, both procedures can be performed by a single tester.

45+ years in the business has made us the world’s leading provider of all types of testing equipment – from impact testing machines to compression testers to concrete testing machines. Our reputation for uncompromising quality and high productivity has made us a preferred supplier for our customers worldwide.

Cement Testing Equipment

Why Compression Testing Equipment?

The benefits of compression testing equipment are varied and comprehensive, and to understand it fully, one must know what it is, what it does, and how it does it. Compression testing equipment like the Griffiths V-Notch compression tester is used by engineers, companies, and individuals for compression testing.

This tool has long been used by manufacturers to test their products after assembly to ensure that the product fits certain requirements. The project is a kind of strength testing used to evaluate if a manufactured product will be able to withstand normal use levels. Compression testing determines the compressive strength of materials such as concrete, masonry, mortar, asphalt, and ceramic tile.

Manufacturers of hydraulic jacks use the machine to test their jacks before starting sales so that they can accurately measure how much load their products can take. So if you are looking for one of these machines ensure you ask for a high-quality testing machine so that your work is not compromised.

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Cement Testing Equipments

In compression testing machines, reliability is the key to good quality so it will play a very important role in the industry.

The Compression Testing Machine adopts NC Servo Technology which has the following characteristics:

  1. Higher positioning precision and higher speed
  2. No defective products can be produced
  3. No noise, no wear, and tear of working parts
  4. Less electricity
  5. Small volume and lower weight

In addition, it uses the imported linear guide rail, which is more durable than the traditional ball screw nut. It has high precision and wear-resistance, long service life, and can be used continuously for 24 hours without any maintenance. There is no oil leakage and dust pollution. It has been applied in many industries such as chemical, petroleum, machinery, electric power, and metallurgy. Whether it is a large factory or a chemical plant or an electric power plant, it is a must-have device that can be used to test different kinds of pressure vessels at any time and anywhere.