Buy The Perfect Concrete Compression Machine For High-Grade Tested Concrete

Concrete compression machines

Structures are only as good as what they are made of!

To ensure your buildings are safe and robust, you need to put the best materials into them. Concrete is the bread and butter of modern construction, and you need only the best high-grade concrete for your modern marvels.

To ensure structure safety, concrete should only be used after thorough testing complying with industry standards. When it comes to concrete testing, the majority of civil engineers’ report that the compressive strength of the concrete is the single most factor guiding their buying decision!

A concrete compression machine is the best modern, robust hydraulic testing solution to ensure concrete meets the required compressive strength criterion.

But you need to make sure you get the right machine for the type of concrete you intend to test. Here is a brief guide to help you chose just the right testing machine:

  1. Load Frame Capacity and Strength: Concrete compression machines test concrete specimens simply by subjecting them to heavy compressive loads. Naturally, the machine’s structure (or frame) itself has to be strong enough to withstand these heavy loads. The machine frame load capacity is the single most important factor you need to keep in mind while buying a compression testing machine. The ACI 363 Industry standard states that “the machine frame should be capable of supporting loads at least 20% greater than the maximum specimen you intend to test “. A solid frame that supports your specimen concrete well also improves the quality of testing by ensuring uniform specimen load. If the frame is not able to support the specimen, it can be hazardous, causing explosive failure. These failures can result in injury to personnel with flying debris all around. Besides, they can permanently damage the machine’s hydraulics and electronics. Always ensure your frame is strong and sturdy.
  2. According to Your Sample Properties And Specific Needs: Always chose a machine in line with your sample specification requirements. The machine should support the whole range of sample strengths. Explosive failures can be dangerous. The machine should be compatible with the configuration of your sample. You should choose based on whether you intend to test only cylinders or other types also like beams, prisms, and cores. Machines should also be able to handle the size of your specimen. The machine daylight opening should be able to handle the maximum size of the specimen to be tested. You should choose a machine suited for the particular test you want. Finally, the hydraulic system of the machine should be strong and feature rich. Specifically, it should prevent the load arm from overextending.
  3. Data Handling: If you are doing few tests, then manual data analysis is alright. But for most purposes, chose a machine with a good control system. It should collect large data and link to computer systems for deep insight full test analysis.
  4. Good Accessory Set: Finally, a good collection of accessories can make your machine versatile. Accessories can enable the same machine to test samples of wide shapes, sizes, and strengths cost-effectively.

Concrete Compression Machines can provide total peace of mind by building safe and robust structures!

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