An Overview of Tools Used in Automotive Test Systems

Most of the vehicles in today’s market depend on electrically driven components to increase efficiency, performance, and luxury features. This creates demand for different types of tools and equipment in the automotive industry to diagnose the electrical systems efficiently and correctly. This article gives you an overview of the tools used in automotive test systems.

Tool categories

Tool categories in automotive test systems include Battery and charging system testers, Battery chargers, Battery monitor reset tools, Oscilloscopes/lab scopes/waveform viewers, Scan tools, Digital multimeters (DMMs), Circuit testers, and special testers. Even though all of the tools are developed to perform the intended tests, some types of tools come with better performance than others by the quality of data provided by the tools or enhanced efficiency. HEICO is one of the tool manufacturing companies to provide such a range of tools.

Battery and Charging system testers

This is the first and important electrical test done in most vehicles to evaluate the performance of the battery and charging system. Most of the latest model vehicles make use of PCM to manage battery charge rates based not only on usual load demands but also on the battery quality as well. So make use of high-quality battery and charging system testers with advanced features including the ability to print a copy of the results.

Battery monitor reset tools

Most of the present model vehicles need to reset the Battery Monitor System (BMS) after battery replacement or service of the charging system. This monitor system works with PCM to measure the battery and to adjust the charge rate accordingly to extend the battery life. Resetting of BMS can easily be performed using the right tools designed specifically to the task depending on the type of vehicle.

Oscilloscopes/lab scopes/waveform viewers

This set of tools is used to test the functionality of the circuit and the amount of current going through it. The unique feature of these tools is that they provide the most complete set of data. Apart from these, there are also other accessories used for additional tests including ignition adapters, pressure transducers, etc.  There are several benefits of using waveform viewers and scopes including the ability to adjust both the measurement scale and time, observe multiple circuits at a time, observing history to catch glitches, and more.

Digital multi meters (DMMs)

These have become one of the popular testing tools used in the automotive industry to measure values like amperage, voltage, pulse width, and resistance. Some of the benefits of these tools include fast test results, relatively inexpensive, portable, able to test high-voltage hybrid vehicles, and availability of various tests leads and adapters.

Scan tools

Scan tools are used to observe the data produced by the computer modules of the vehicle. This helps to monitor the presence of normal voltage on many components without connecting the testers to each individual component.

HEICON is one of the most trusted and popular manufacturers of complete range of automotive test systems and automotive lab testing equipment at market best rates.

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