All You Need to Know About Universal Testing Machines


Universal testing machines, more commonly known as UTM, are a form of industrial equipment that is used to test the strength of other machines that are used in an industrial setup. These are also known as Universal tester. A universal tester is used to test the ductility and compression strength of the machines. In the modern-day industrial world, all the organizations require these testers to test their products and to secure the elements used in h process of production. 

A universal testing machine has no limit as to what all elements can be tested using it. It can be used to test the strength of metals as well as plastics. After the test, the quality of the product is expressed in terms of load-bearing capacity, elasticity, extension, brittleness, and the final output levels of the materials. 

A universal testing machine is composed of two parts. The loading unit is the part where the actual specimen is placed for testing. On the other hand, a control unit is used to control the amount of force or pressure that is exerted during the test. A universal testing machine can be used to carry out various types of tests. Some of these tests are as follows:

  1. Compression Tests: Compression tests are carried out on the products in order to determine the level of pressure and force that could be exerted on the product. Some machines tend to break down when excessive pressure of force is applied to them. To prevent such accidents, compression tests are used. 
  2. Ductility Tests: Ductility test or tensile test or used synonymous. These tests are carried out to identify the extension strength of the material. Whether the element can be converted into thin or thick sheets upon beating or exerting pressure or it will break due to such beating, it can be easily determined using this test. 

Universal testing machines are very helpful for companies. They have certain commendable benefits for user firms. These advantages could be summed up as follows:

  1. Selecting the Right Material: Universal testing machines help in selecting the right material for each product and machinery. Once the right type of material is identified, it becomes easier to work, and the chances of unforeseen accidents are minimized.
  2. Identifying the Exact Amount Of Pressure Or Force: Using the UTMs, the exact amount of pressure or force that should be exerted on particular machinery can be identified. This will ensure minimum damage to the machinery and maximum results.
  3. Provide Evidence in Legal Proceedings: In case of legal proceedings where the workers of industry file malicious suits in the court of law, seeking compensation, the test reports produced by Universal testing machines could act as solid evidence. This again helps in protecting the reputation of the company and saving it from unnecessary losses. 
  4. Ensuring That the Set Standards Are Met: There are certain set standards that have to be followed in order for the product to pass the quality tests. Using UTMs, those standards could be maintained, and better quality of final products could be expected.

Although, the universal testing machine is an expensive investment to make, it in manner is unworthy of its high prices. Utm machine price might be expected to fall a bit if there are some imported and advanced technologies in the field. But in the price of a UTM, it is a completely take it all deal.

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