Aggregate Tests That Check the Concrete Quality in Terms of Construction

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Nowadays it is very much important to go with the proper testing procedures and their effective implementation to make sure that building material is of the topmost quality. Depending upon the emphasis of the quality the construction has to always satisfy all the benchmarks as well as standards.

So, concrete lab testing equipment is very effectively utilized in conducting several kinds of tests on the aggregates so that its quality can be determined.

Some of these kinds of tests are mentioned as follows:

  • Crushing test on aggregates: These kinds of test help in indicating the strength of the aggregate which is very much important at the time of undertaking any of the construction. In case the value of this particular test comes out to be less than 10 then it means that aggregate is exceptionally strong. On the other hand, if the value is 35 and more than that then it is considered to be a very weak aggregate.
  • Abrasion test on aggregates: These kinds of tests are undertaken to determine the abrasion value of the aggregate. The value of this particular aggregate must be < 30% in case the aggregate is utilized for wearing course and it must be < 45% in case it is utilized for other purposes.
  • Impact test on aggregates: These kinds of test help in indicating the toughness of the aggregate along with the ability of the aggregate to resist the sudden shock or impact. The value of this particular test is same as of the abrasion test.
  • Soundness test on aggregates: The soundness tests are conducted with the motive of understanding the resistance of aggregate in terms of weathering actions. Aggregates are subject to several kinds of actions of rain and water along with other impurities of the atmosphere. So, these kinds of tests should revolve around near about values of 12% and 18% after 10 cycles when the whole test is conducted with the help of sulphate and magnesium sulphate respectively.
  • Shape test on aggregate: These kinds of test help in determining the shape of the aggregate and it should be in defined percentages depending on the weight of aggregate particles to the main dimension of thickness along with the length of it. The recommended value lies between the ranges of 15%-30% depending upon the area of usage.
  • Specific gravity and water absorption test on aggregates: These kinds of tests help in measuring the strength as well as the quality of the aggregate and the property also help in identification of aggregates. The range of this particular aggregate lies from 2.5-3.0 and the water absorption ranges from 0.1%-2%.
  • Bitumen adhesion test on aggregates: These kinds of tests are conducted with the motive of determining the addition of the bitumen material along with aggregates in the presence of water. The recommended value of this particular test is that it should not exceed 5%.

 Hence, the concrete testing machine is very effectively utilized to conduct all these kinds of tests so that one can have a complete idea about the properties of the aggregates and one can very effectively determine its suitability.

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