A Strong Foundation is the Tale of Strong Building

A strong foundation is responsible for constructing a strong building. It is essential for the foundation to be strong, and to do so, soil testing is an important aspect to be pondered over. Before the construction work begins, it is recommended that the soil on which the construction is about to begin should be in the condition to withstand the construction load. It is, therefore, necessary to study the soil behaviour and conditions under various circumstances. To do this, various efficient soil testing equipment like triaxial testing equipment, penetrometers for soil compaction testing, meters for moisture content measurement, etc., are some of the machines used for soil quality testing.

Collection of Soil Testing Equipment:

  • Apparatus for Measuring Liquid Limit- This is a machine that gives the soil’s accurate moisture content from a particular area or region. Studying moisture content is one of the crucial parameters required before the building construction to lay a strong foundation for buildings. The instrument comprises a hollow structure made of brass and is fitted on a rubber board. It has an automatic drop counter attached to it that counts the soil’s moisture in terms of the number of drops present in the brass cup.
  • Grain Size Distribution Apparatus– This test is an amalgamation of procedures like fine sieving, hydrometer analysis, liquid limit test, etc. This test is used to ascertain the definite percentage of grains present in the sample soil of varying sizes. The fine sieving is usually performed mechanically to determine the presence of larger and coarser grain particles, followed by the hydrometer method that is used to observe the distribution pattern of the fine particle of soil in the sample. A significant wing of this test is the hydrometer-based test. This test allows the analysis of grain size in a suspension of soil sample. The readings on the hydrometer give the results in terms of the density of the particles.
  • Penetrometer- This is a tool used by engineers to classify soil types depending on the soil particles’ compaction. A specially designed cylindrical tube made of stainless steel goes up to a certain depth to measure the soil compaction in terms of compressive strength.
  • Permeability apparatus– This apparatus measures the specific permeability of water passing through the soil particles of sandy soil, as well as clayey soils. Soil permeability is an important factor for laying a strong building foundation. The desired permeability should not be more than 10.8cm/sec.

Soil testing is an essential factor to be kept in mind during building construction. Different soil parameters, like moisture, porosity, compaction, etc., should be analysed before construction. To carry out these tests, a wide variety of soil testing machines like triaxial soil testing machines, penetrometer, hygrometer, and permeability apparatus should be used. Finding the soil testing equipment is not a difficult task now. One can find a huge collection of soil testing apparatus from a reputed company. Not only soil testing machines, various machines dedicated to other tests like rock testing, bitumen testing, concrete testing, material testing, automobile, and railway material test systems are also gaining popularity for ensuring quality with safety.

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