7 Aspects To Consider While Selecting The Universal Testing Machine

universal testing machine

The universal testing machine is highly popular as this single machine can be used to test different types of materials. But before buying these machines, consideration of different factors are to be undertaken. This is because the right selection of machine will help in determining the accuracy of various tests conducted by it. To help you buy the right quality universal testing machine, the following aspects must be duly taken care of. These include:

  • Type of Test: Different materials are required to undergo different rigorous types of tests such as compression test, torsion test, fatigue, etc. Thus, the basic thing that is to be taken care of is knowing what type of test one is looking for the material and thus choose the universal testing machine that is efficient in conducting such test. The UTM with ATSM or ISO rating must be preferred as it is a symbol of the high quality of machines.
  • Outline the Calculation: Another important thing that is to be taken into consideration is picking the right controller that will work best with the universal testing machine. For this, one must outline the calculations required to test the material as it will aid the user in determining the right system and controller.
  • Maximum Load: The choice of a universal testing machine will be based on the maximum load of material that is one is considering for the testing. There are several options to choose from, such as single column, hydraulic vs. electromechanical, etc., which can be understood only when the maximum load they required for testing is sure. The right machine system will be the one that best fits your requirements.
  • Speed: To specify the drive and actuator need in the universal testing machine, the speed of the machine is to be taken care of. This factor also helps in determining whether to go for static tests or dynamic fatigue tests.
  • Grips: The grips selection is another important criterion that can either break or make the final results. The decision of the type of grip depends upon the type of material that is to be used for testing. One must remember that not all grips and fixtures work for all materials. The error in this area can bring huge consequences.
  • The choice between deflectometer and extensometer: The next important consideration is to a choice between deflectometer and extensometer. The choice between these two depends upon the type of test one is undertaking. Extensometer is used to accurately determine the specimen extension during the test, whereas a deflectometer is used to calculate the deformation that occurs during the test.
  • Future Possibilities: The right universal testing machine is the one that not only fits one’s current requirements but also has the potential to meet future needs as well. This is because one might need one or maybe 2 tests today, but in the future, the demand might expand. Thereby select the universal testing machine with various capabilities.

Hence these are the aspects that one must not ignore before buying the universal testing machine. Buying of UTM is an investment, and thus one must make these after considering various factors only.

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